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How Do V2 Cigs Work & My Review

Check My V2 Ultimate Kit Video Review Below!

The majority of visitors to this site are here searching for “The Best Electronic Cigarette“. Well stop! I am here to tell you that V2 is the best e cig around!

Sure they might be a bit more expensive, but the quality, vape, and taste are hands down the best.

A few years ago, none of us really knew what electronic cigarettes were but now, most of us do. An e-cig or electronic cigarette is a device that heats liquid, which comprises of nicotine, in order to produce vapor. Regular smokers don’t really believe in the concept of e-cigs but over the course of the years, they have become believers because e-cigs aren’t a scam but real products that can help you kick the habit of smoking.

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  • Since people have started believing in the concept of e-cigs, we have seen a big burst in the number of companies who are now making e-cigs. However, every e-cig might not be effective in helping you kick the habit of smoking because some of them have been made by their manufacturers to make easy money and are made crappy and have shottie ingredients!
  • I was a regular smoker and always laughed at the concept of e-cigs until I tried V2 Cigs. A friend of mine recommended the product to me awhile back. Since the friend who gave the recommendation is a very close friend, I decided to give V2 Cigs a try and they proved to be extremely helpful and helped me quit the habit of smoking. I had been a smoker for years and I believe a product that worked on me would work on any other smoker out there.

V2 Tests All Their E Cigs

Start Kits Available

V2 Cigs come with different starter kits: each starter kit has includes different items. You can choose an appropriate starter kit according to your choice. What I liked a lot about V2 Cigs is that they come with flavored cartridges and the starter kit I purchased helped me get a good understanding of how to use the product and I for one found it extremely useful.

Flavor Reviews

  • Apart from the flavors, which include red, congress, peppermint, sahara, mint, chocolate and various others, you can also choose the quantity of nicotine you want in your e-cig. Since I was a regular smoker and smoked close to 20 cigarettes per day, I decided to go for full nicotine (1.8 percent). Later on, I dropped the level of nicotine to medium, light and eventually zero nicotine.

How Much Do They Cost?

  • V2 Cigs are actually quite affordable too. The V2 standard kit comes with a price tag of $59.95, while the V2 ultimate kit will cost you $169.95. Of course, the add-ons in the respective kits vary. When I purchased V2 cigs, I got myself the V2 ultimate kit and that actually helped me save a lot of money.

My V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit Review – Love IT!

If you scan the market for other electronic cigarettes, you might come across some that cost less than V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs are a little pricey than other products because they are extremely effective, great in quality and offer lifetime warranty. Well, I have never fully embraced the concept of lifetime warranty because companies tend to over exploit the term but it is still a benefit that you don’t get with other e-cigs.

Moreover, the customer service support at V2 Cigs is commendable. I had to get in touch with their customer service a few times because I changed my apartment and had to notify them of the change in address and they were really helpful.

Another thing about V2 Cigs is that they boast a pretty classy design and to be honest, I love that about this product. I am mostly socializing and holding a V2 Cig in my hand doesn’t make me come across a loser: in fact, it has added style to my overall personality (true story!).

To put it all in a nutshell, I was where most of you currently are: you think you cannot quit smoking because it defines who you are and you have been doing it for too long. I also used to laugh at the concept of e-cigs but everything changed after I tried V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs don’t work like magic if you don’t put the necessary effort on your part. However, once you do, you will be amazed at how helpful this product is and how quitting smoking is not an increasingly complex and tough thing to do.

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8 Responses to “How Do V2 Cigs Work & My Review”

  1. Avatar SpongeBob says:

    I see they have a charging case. Is that something you have used? My biggest concern with these is that I will have a craving and the battery will die out on me. What has your experience been like with battery life. I am really trying to quit the reg cig route and would love to give this a shot.

    • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

      Hey where is Squidward 😉 No I have not used the charging case although it does look pretty sweet! I may have to grab one. To be honest I really am an ecig junky and I switch back and forth with my brands on a daily basis lol. I do like this case the more I look at it though. Nice to carry your gear and give you a boost if you need it. As for the battery life I have really never had an issue. They all pretty much come with USB charger so you can charge in the car, from your laptop etc… If you forgot your charger for a day and you were at work, I think you could easily get through the whole day on a charge depending on how often you take a smoke break. As far as quitting I will still bum a reg cig here and there, but I love my ecigs since I know I am not getting all the smoke and other crap that comes with it. I will prob quit, but I am young so I will give it a few more years 😉 If you get the case let me know.

  2. Avatar Heath says:

    How would you say the menthol flavor compares to others like in your Bullsmoke review? I have been researching and have only tried the crappy gas station disposables. The V2 look really nice and just more sturdy or durable to me. Does that make sense?

    • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

      Yeah those disposables at the gas stations are not the best to compare with, but they are getting better in quality. Flavor is another one of those things where everybody tastes are different. I don’t want to skate out on the answer, but it is sort of true. I love chocolate, my girlfriend hates it. She loves vanilla I hate it etc… I would say this about V2 menthol flavor though. For me at least it is stronger then Bullsmoke, but the reg bull smoke is stronger for me. Either way the menthol is nice and smooth with both. I love writing and reviewing on this site and love trying new brands out, but in the end you really have to try them all out to see what works for you. Just like when I used to switch from different types of real cigarettes.

  3. Avatar Randy G says:

    How do you know when the flavor cartridge is empty?


  4. Avatar Sally says:

    I just wondered what the closest in comparison to a marlboro light would be. I have the blu and it’s horrible. It’s heavy too. I need one that is almost like a real cig in my hand. Have to quit ASAP!

  5. Avatar Stephen says:

    I am deciding between either Green smoke or V2.I will more likely smoke menthol.Which would you say is the best menthol out of the two?

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