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Njoy Disposable E Cigarette

Hey what is up! Well I finally got around to grabbing one of these at the old Exxon station today! I even started busting out some videos on youtube which you can watch below.  Let me know what you think of the intro 😉

So off the this review of the Njoy Menthol disposable e cigarette.

First off I love the little carrying case and its zippo qualities. It is smaller and light weight and has a paper outside. At first I thought the paper was a negative, but after I gave it a shot I realized it adhered to my mouth a bit better like a real cig as opposed to most e cigs that have the more smooth surface.

Anyways as you can see from the video it did not have a huge vape until I gave it a few pulls, but even then it seem inconsistent.  I will say however that the menthol flavor was nice and better then the Blu Cig disposable I tried.

I don’t have the receipt on me, but I think I paid just about $9 for it.

I like the carrying case and I will keep it around for awhile, but I do not see myself buying these for future use.

How about you? Have you tried Njoy E Cigs yet?

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13 Responses to “Njoy Disposable E Cigarette”

  1. Avatar Laurie says:

    I bought on of the n-joy trow aways and it only last me for 5 hours and I was barely smoking this thing becuase I was so busy cleaning house. I would just take a

  2. Avatar Laurie says:

    The njoy disposable e-cig that I bought last me only 4 hours, and that was while cleaning house. I would take a short “smoke” break and after 4 hours, the e-cig was done. Worst on the market. What a waste of money. I bought it at 7-eleven and they would not refund my money, They said that n-joy was having problems with this -ecig and I has to go to their website which is my next step, but I wanted to bert this review out their before someone else water their money on this worthless e-cig.

    • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

      Thanks Laurie. Yeah sorry to hear that. Like I said the carrying case was cool lol, but I will def not be adding this to my arsenal of e-cigs… Next…

      Please let me know what NJoy says via the web about getting a refud. I am sure others have had this problem.

  3. Avatar ann says:

    Except for the carrying case which resembles a flip lighter – the disposable cigarette was horrible. it was harsh and i felt like i was getting punched in the middle of my chest. no smoke, no flavor – no satisfaction

  4. Avatar Seattle says:

    Got a full 17 puffs on the NJoy menthol before the flashing tip called it quits… 17 ENTIRE PUFFS for $7.99…Let’s do the math…$.47 cents a drag!!! Not going to waste my money on this brand rip-off again.

  5. Avatar Neil says:

    I’ve been through 5 njoy e-cigs and have had the same experience as other commenters, 20-30 puffs and its over, I have been very unsatisfied. Today I purchased an njoy king and a blu e-cig. Blu continues to puff, while the njoy quit hours ago. I liked the njoy flavor more as opposed to the blu which has a coffee-like flavor, however i cannot run out to the store every few hours, or afford to keep the njoy cigs running. Not impressed with njoy, will live with Blu until I find something better. Have found more vapor with blu as well. Njoy made me smoke another few camels last night when it ran out on me. Go with blu!

  6. Avatar Fred Barnard says:

    I was very excited at first, but then found there is no way these last as long as even one pack. I smoke constantly when writing at night, and the Njoy e cig goes out in an hour or less.

  7. Avatar Jerry says:

    I’ve been on the e-cig kick for a couple of months now, and after trying a few brands of the “look-alikes” have come to the opinion that their manufacturers have a ways to go before they become a mainstream product. They may be great for those of us who want a temporary “fix” while quitting the analogs, but their dependability and taste are poor. The worst of these are the NJOY, which actually made me nauseas from it’s chemical flavoring.
    The so called “mods” appear the way to go, since they are dependable and have a huge variety of flavors and strengths to choose from. They just don’t try to look like real cigarettes.

  8. Avatar Rose says:

    Don’t see any new updates, but I liked the njoy gold. I even sent the used ones back to get free offers. But then the new njoy I bought only lasted three to four drags. Bought the single and five packs. But totally not worth it when only lasts that long. Moved on to something different.

  9. Avatar Donna Gibson says:

    I got two brighter will work

  10. Avatar Barry says:

    i have used these NJOY king 5 pack for two years and really like them

  11. Avatar Edward says:

    This sucks i got a total of 2 drags and it stops working. Whybare yoo guys still selling

  12. Just bought today, never again.. didn’t work, and just opened it

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