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NE Where Electronic Cigarettes

Well I was pleasantly surprised when a package came in the mail for me! Don’t you just love getting mail? I do and I especially love it when it is a package of e cigs! NE Where E Cigs sent me a bounty of their disposable e-cigs and e-hookahs which I was very happy with as you can see in the video below. I never actually new what an E Hookah Pen was and I was pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer.

You can buy NE Where online or you can get them in the store although they seem like they are mostly on the west coast right now. I do like the fact that you can get them at the store. If you run out of your fave e cig you can always go grab some, unlike having to order online and wait, but hey it is not a huge deal.

I like the quality and flavor/vape of these and for $9.99 you will not be sorry. They say the equivalent of 2 reg packs of cigs, but I have not used one up yet so I cannot verify that, but I would imagine it should be pretty accurate as most are and have been tested thoroughly.

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Listen at the end of the day NE Where sent me all these e cigs and e hookahs. I am not obligated to give a positive review and if they sucked I would tell you. I was really happy with them and makes me wish they actually made a rechargeable kit.

As far as the flavors and the E-Hooka I was real happy with the Sour Appletine and the Chocolate Chill I tried. The chocolate smell actually feels the room and my buddy walked in and was like…. “what is that smell?” Ha!

I still have a lot of flavors to try so stay tuned. As you know I am not a huge flavor guy, but will give this a shot over the next few weeks and update as I go.

Overall Conclusion of NE Where Electronic Cigarettes?

  • Give them a try!
  • They are good quality and have a great flavor and hit.
  • Better then most store bought disposables I have tried
  • E-Hooka options are pretty awesome if you are into flavors

Watch My NE Where E-Cig Video Review

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2 Responses to “NE Where Electronic Cigarettes”

  1. Avatar Jonathan says:

    I buy NEwhere from 7 Elevens in San Bernardino and love them…I smoke at least three a week, I’ve tried a lot of other disposables and these stand out to me as being the best on the market.
    I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a good convenient Ecig or Ehookah!

  2. Avatar Ms. Ciggy says:

    I recently purchased a ne where vap cigarette, it’s my first one, though I’ve tried several times, the cig does not light up nor smoke comes out. It’s brand new, I understand they are disposable, but want to make sure that I’m using it properly before I purchase a new one.

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