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Memorial Day 2015 Sales

I always tell my visitors buy when there are sales! You could essentially stock up on enough product to last you 6months to a year for half the cost. If you team up with a friend you can get even more!

A few times a year there are always some HUGE sales going on in the ecig world!

Below are a handful of sales going on this memorial day weekend. I even tried to give some bonus discount codes as well!

Enjoy and have an awesome and safe holiday weekend!

~ Roger

GREENSMOKE Memorial Day Specials

  • 10% Off All Products Click Here! <<< That link should automatically take off 10% at checkout… if not use this code: disc10-29138
  • $1 Intro Kit Special! CLICK HERE! <<< This is a deal and a half! ONE DOLLAR for their intro kit… normally $34.77
  • This does not start until May 25th-27th…. this is really where you can save the BIG $$$$ CLICK HERE and use the following codes on those days….
    • 10% off Cartridges — Use code MAYCART
    • 15% off Batteries — Use code MAYBATT
    • 20% off Cases — Use code MAYCASE
    • 25% off Kits — Use code MAYKIT

V2 CIGS Memorial Day Sales

  • Well I will make it easy for you! Go & CLICK HERE!!! bookmark the page…. they will be showing all the crazy deals over the weekend so keep checking in to see what they are offering. V2 has been known to have some amazing Flash Type deals so keep an eye out.

EVERSMOKE Memorial Day Deals!



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