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Logic Platinum Menthol Disposable

Well I am still posting reviews of my Exxon bounty from a few weeks ago. Today I have the Logic Platinum Menthol disposable which I picked for under $10 I believe. I grabbed so many I forget the exact prices and of course I threw out the receipt lol. You can also check out my Logic Hookah Apple review here as well.

Anyways this is prob one of the better disposables I have tried. It is thicker and heavier then others and I like how solid it feels.

As for the taste and the hit it gives….. wow! I am really impressed. The menthol flavor is nice and it gives a nice deep vape! As you can see from the video I am really happy with it.

I have been hearing Logic ads on the radio lately and I’d imagine they will start to become more popular. They don’t really have a huge range of products to choose from, but sometimes that is OK. A lot brands can be overwhelming.

If you go to the Logic site you actually have to register to see the products. I like it and hate it. It is good to prevent people under 18, but a pain to just check out, so… if you look at the picture below this will show just what they have available right now and the cost.

They also have more accessories and a cuban which is an e cigar. Pretty awesome. I might have to grab one of those to try out.


logic-ecigsOverall I really like this platinum menthol and it has been in my car this past week and still going strong. This might just be my new best disposable e cig! Stayed tuned I am setting up the review of the hookah apple flavor as we speak. That was pretty yummy as well.

Logic E Cig Prices?

  • The price point on these is pretty awesome and in reach for anyone looking to get started with e cigs. I also like the fact you can get these at many local places right now which is always great if you run out of your existing stash.

Check Out My Logic Platinum Menthol E Cig Review On Youtube

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4 / 5 stars     

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  1. Avatar Tonia says:

    I have this and I love it, the top I have the platinum and it tastes like a Newport cigarette

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