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Logic Hookah Review – Apple Flavor

I was real excited to give this Logic hookah apple a try. As you all know I like the menthol and the flavors so I was intrigued by the apple flavor.

If you read my Logic Platinum Menthol review then you know I was very happy with the taste and the vape that it produced.  Pretty much the same conclusion here. In the video below you can see that I did like the apple flavor, but could not see myself using them everyday, maybe more of a treat after dinner or late night etc…

The one thing I will say is when I made that video I had reviewed about 5 other e cigs that day so my taste buds were probably a bit numb? Anyways I have to say that coming from a fresh pallet the logic apple flavor is more flavorful then I said in the video. Not a huge deal, but I wanted you to understand that.

As for the vape it produces it was very nice, not as much as the platinum, but enough for me to call it a quality disposable e cig.

I have this one at home and use it here and there. To be honest I forget I have it and it is a nice little treat late at night when I am chilling on the couch watching some TV.

Again like I said this would not be an everyday smoker for me, but if you are looking for something different to give a shot then this is the ticket. At only around $10 you can’t beat it and I am sure the colors will strike up some conversation as well.

Check Out My Logic Hookah Apple Video

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4 / 5 stars     

One Response to “Logic Hookah Review – Apple Flavor”

  1. Avatar Nancy Seufert says:

    I purchased a Logic E-cigarette Hookah at t a local store. I have been buying them for a year and never had a problem with them. Unfortunately, I got a bad one. The local store has a policy not to return them so I was directed to the manufacture. I really was shocked at the level of unprofessionalism I encountered

    I have never had such a run around in my life. I was told that I needed to mail the product back at my own expense. Well I certainly had no issue returning the product, but I did ask if I would be reimbursed. The male CR stated that it was only a stamp. The rude way he spoke – like he felt I was lying – really got me mad. I mailed out the e-cigarette that day.

    A few days later I recieved email from the company. They extolled their virtues and the product testing, but I was flabbergasted when they stated “our engineer can test it and send out a replacement if (sp) found to be below our manufacturing standards”. I mean come on, they are going to test a product that cost under 50 cents to make? I have no guarantee that the report won;t come back saying that thier product was just fine.

    Over the years, I have had a few problems with defective products. I have always contacted the manufacturer, they sent a mailing package, and I was either refunded the money or given a replacement. I only wanted my replacement.

    Well I was quite pissed so I wrote the company to basically tell them that I mailed the inferior product back and just to refund my money + shipping.

    I got a call from Doucebag Paul who kept telling me if I would send the product in they will send out two. I got fed up telling him I had already mailed out the product. Finally, I got so pissed, I told him I didn’t want a thing from thier company and that in all honesty to just shove it where the moon don’t shine.

    Someone needs to teach this company about Customer Service and how to treat a customer. AVOID THESE PEOPLE. There are other Hookah’s cigarettes on the market. I will find one.

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