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Liquor Store E Cigs

ecigs at liquor storeYou know you have seen them at the liquor store or even the gas station.

All those e cigs…

I grabbed some beer last weekend… actually not any beer, but Mad Elf. If you have never tried it, then give it a shot.

It is not cheap, but 11%  alcohol volume.. Woot!

Anyways I started talking with the owner about e cig sales and what not and he said he sells a lot! He let me take a few pictures of the set up and told me that Halo was his best selling, so my plan is to grab some this weekend and bust out a Halo review in the next week or two. Of course you see Blu Cigs over there and logic which I have been hearing advertised on the radio a lot lately.

What brands are you seeing most in liquor stores and/or gas stations?


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