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How Vape Mods are different from Pod Mods

When e-cigarettes became popular, it was all about sub-ohm vaping and thick clouds. In 2019, things are different. These days, a new variety of electronic cigarettes known as Pod Mods have become the talk of the industry.

Even though Pod Mods are very popular these days, there are still some people, including seasoned vapors, who are unaware of the differences between Pod Mods and Vape Mods.

There is a traditional misconception that pod mods are not very different from vape mods. If you look closely, there are in fact quite a few distinctions between the two electronic cigarettes.

If you’ve been a firm believer of pod mods being the same as vape mods, things are going to change for you after reading this post. So sit down and read below and see for yourself how pod mods are completely different from vape mods.

Vape mods and pod mods use entirely different e-liquid

The first and biggest difference between the two mods is the e-liquid they use. In traditional vape mods, e-liquid made with PG and VG with nicotine are used. These e-liquids usually have low nicotine strength ranging from 3mg/ml to 24mg/ml.

E-liquid for pod mods, on the other hand, are made with nicotine salts. The nicotine salt in e-liquids has the highest concentration of nicotine. In other words, e-liquids for pod mods contain as much as 51mg/ml nicotine, almost double the amount of traditional e-liquid.

The e-liquid with nicotine salts can only be used on Pod mods. This is what makes the two mods so different from each other.

Now let’s see how e-liquid changes the experience of vaping.

One of the biggest differences between pod mods e-liquid and vape mod e-liquids is that they contain more nicotine than traditional vape juice. This also means that they are more suitable for regular smokers.

The high amount of nicotine in pod mod vape juice means that it is easy for a regular smoker to transition to electronic cigarettes. With nicotine as high as 51mg/ml, it is impossible to crave for a cigarette when you are vaping on a pod mod. Insufficient nicotine in e-cigs is something which has caused many new vapors to go back to traditional smoking.

Also, the fact that pod mods are slimmer in design, they are good imitations of the regular cigarette. They are lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket, just like traditional cigarettes.

Vape mods, on the other hand, are bulky, large, and heavy, which makes it harder for people to carry them around in their pockets. Also since pod mods use pods, there is little chance of e-liquid to spill in your pockets as opposed to carrying a vape mod with a tank fully filled with e-liquid juice.

Even with better design and nicotine delivery, vape mods are still very popular amongst seasoned vapors because they allow complete customization of the vaping experience. Pod mods cannot be customized the way a vape mod can be. This is the biggest drawback of the pod system that has led many vapors to stick to traditional vape mods.

For newcomers, however, pod mods are not only familiar and easy to use, but they also provide more nicotine per vape in order to keep the cravings of cigarettes in control.

Pod Mods and Vape Mods Price Difference

When it comes to affordability and accessibility, Pod Mods beat traditional vape mods. A good vape mod that can manage to produce a wattage output of around 200+ wattage easily costs beyond $100. Pod Mods, on the other hand, cost around $40 for the device.

As a beginner, you can find both pod and vape mods at around the starting price of $30. But a vape mod that is sold for $30 is unable to produce thick vapor and usually has many small problems with coils, airflow, circuitry, and others.

Pod mods that are sold at around $30 do not require complex parts for the basic operation which means that even at $30 you’ll get good performance out of it.

So if you’d ever want to stay in the budget and vape with confidence, pod mods are definitely a go. When you believe pod mods are not giving you enough vapor, or are lacking in experience, you can always shift to powerful vape mods and start customizing the experience the way you like it.

We however strongly recommend giving a shot to pod mods if you’re just starting out. If you are a regular smoker, a vape mod worth $30 is not going to satisfy your nicotine craving and you may end up vaping a lot. Pod mods, on the other hand, provide a high level of nicotine per pod. It is enough to satisfy the most addicted smokers.

In the end, it all comes down to personal choice. If you love vapor and different fruity flavors, then vape mods should be your ideal vaping device. If you’re in for the nicotine and want to quit smoking, then pod mods are excellent.

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