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How is Mouth To Lung different from Direct to lung vaping

If you’re a little familiar with vaping, you may have heard about the terms mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping. The difference between Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL) inhaling may be hard for you to imagine if you aren’t a vapor yourself. But if you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, then you are already familiar with one of the inhaling techniques.

Smokers usually smoke with a technique known as mouth to lung inhaling. In other words, when you smoke a cigarette, you first inhale the smoke into your mouth and hold it for a second and then breathe it to your lungs. Direct to lung inhaling is a bit different. Instead of holding the vapor in your mouth, you breathe it directly to your lungs.

The ultimate goal of both MTL and DTL is to get vapor into your lungs. So why do seasoned vapors debate on it? Which method is better? Let’s have a look at each.

Mouth to Lung Vaping

Mouth to Lung vaping is popular amongst regular smokers because they are very familiar with the technique. With this method, you may also get better, or let’s say, intense throat hit. This is true especially if you are using an e-liquid that is higher in PG concentration.

The reason why Pod Mods are so popular amongst new vapors is that they are designed to give you Mouth to Lung vaping experience. As a smoker shifting to e-cigarettes, pod mods will likely satisfy you better with the experience.

Direct to Lung Vaping

Direct to lung vaping is when you bypass your mouth and directly breathe the vapor into your lungs. This method of vaping is actually more popular with seasoned vapors who customize their mods to provide high-end vaping.

With direct to lung vaping, you are able to produce a very thick and dense cloud as opposed to MTL vaping. Maybe this is why some vapors prefer this method. To get the best experience from direct to lung vaping, e-liquid with a high concentration of PG is recommended.

MTL vs. DTL – which is better?

Mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping methods provide different sensations. But it is all comes down to personal choice of the user. If you are someone new, there is a high chance that you are used to Mouth to lung vaping. This is especially true for new vapors shifting from smoking.

We also recommend sticking to mouth to lung vaping for beginners because it provides smoking like experience. Just make sure that the mod you are buying is capable of providing you with mouth to lung experience.

Many vape mods are incapable of providing a mouth to lung experience because they are not made for MTL vaping. If you prefer MTL, then start your vaping journey directly by getting your hands on a good pod mod.

If however, you are in for thick vapors, then you will probably want to find a device that provides directly to lung vaping. It is impossible to get thick and dense vapors from devices that provide mouth to lung experiences.

Direct to lung inhaling is recommended for people who regularly smoke shisha or hookahs. The direct to lung sensation of an electronic cigarette perfectly imitates shisha and hookahs, this is why many people who want to use vaporizers as alternatives to shisha smoking usually buy devices that provide direct to lung experience.

In the end, we’d say no method is better than the other. It is a personal choice and is best left for individuals to decide which is better for them.

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