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Here’s how you can prevent your vape mod from e-liquid spitting

We’re all familiar with vape spit back. It is one of the most common problems that befall on vape modes. E-liquid spit-back can happen without warning and it doesn’t really matter how reputable of a mod you have on your hands.

Spitting e-liquid is potentially dangerous and harmful to your vape mod. This is why it must be dealt with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of how to deal with common spit-back problems in vape mods.

You can usually remedy this problem by adjusting the airflow, minimizing the excess e-liquid on the coils, or by changing the coils completely. If you ignore spit-back and keep on vaping your device, it will not only damage your tank but will also cause problems in your mod circuitry.

Here are some of the easiest tips and tricks to deal with e-liquid spit back.

Quick and easy ways to stop Vape mod spit back

Spit backs are common and can usually be fixed immediately by using simple methods. So before you end up dismantling your tank and end up fiddling with its parts, it’s better to troubleshoot the problem using quick fixes. Sometimes the spit-back could simply be occurring because your air-vents are causing the juice to flood in your tank. By simply adjusting the air-flow, the problem is often fixed.

Some other quick fixes include using longer drip tips which are easily available for most tanks and mods. With thinner air-hole in a drip tip, spit-back rarely happens.

Here are some things to keep in mind when troubleshooting spit-back problems.

The coil could be the culprit

One of the most common causes of e-liquid spit back is due to over-flow of e-liquid on the coils. When you prime your coils, sometimes excess liquid can get in the coils, causing it to spit-back when you fire your mod.

To remedy this solution, always try to use limited e-liquid to prime your coils. Put small drops of e-liquid on the coil and wait for a few seconds for it to get absorbed. Don’t allow the coils to soak completely with e-juice.

If you’re using a tank with Clapton coils, you should be aware that these kind of coils are more prone to collecting excess e-liquid.

Adjusting the airflow of your tank

Sometimes e-liquid spit back happens because your air-flow is allowing juice to flood in the coils. This usually occurs when you are using e-liquid with more PG ratio than VG. Because PG is thinner in nature, it can easily drench your coils with the liquid which can produce spit-back upon firing the mod.

This can usually be amended by decreasing the air-flow of your tank which prevents the excess liquid from being collected on coils.

Spit-back due to environmental temperature

Did you know that temperature can cause your e-liquid to become thinner? When you expose your tank or mod to warm temperatures, your e-liquid becomes thinner and it starts to accumulate on the coils. When you finally fire the mod, it creates spit back.

Try to always keep your mod away from warm temperature or direct sunlight, especially when you are not using the mod for vaping. When traveling, keep the mod inside a bag so it is well away from direct sunlight and warm temperature.

Change your coil altogether

One of the quickest and most effective solutions to deal with annoying spit-back is by changing your coils altogether. If you are using a mod with pre-built coils, then it is highly likely that your coil is the culprit.

Pre-made coils are mass produced in factories in China and they are not individually checked for quality. You may end up with a bad coil and this may cause spit-back. Since pre-built coils are inexpensive, you should have a few spare coils lying around at all times. By changing the coil completely, you can easily remedy this annoying problem.

Adjust the wattage of your vape mod

As mentioned earlier, if the e-liquid has more PG ratio than VG, it may be thinner than usual and may flood your coils. Adjusting the wattage of your vape mod can usually fix this issue.

Try increasing the wattage of your mod gradually to see if it works for you. When you are running your coil on low wattage, it is unable to burn the liquid faster than the coil is absorbing it. This is what usually results in e-liquid spit-back.

And if your mod is unable to go beyond 50 watts and you are still experiencing spit-back, then you may just have to use another e-liquid with more VG ratio than PG.


Spitback is a very common issue faced by nearly every vapor out there. Don’t be discouraged if your mod and tank start to spit back. The above methods are a great way to get your mod back in shape.

Just keep in mind that all tanks and mods are not created equally. If your tank or coils spit-back frequently, and you are unable to find a fix, then you may just have to change the tank altogether.

There are many different tanks available that make use of different coils. Find the one that can be used with your mod and try giving it a shot. It may take a bit of experimentation, but this problem is usually very easy to fix when you learn the core issue.

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