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Here are some useful tips to open a stuck vape tank

Electronic cigarettes are great until you realize that they require consistent maintenance. As you vape and add e-liquid regularly, the tank part of your box mod suffers from residue left by e-liquid. This causes a variety of problems in the tank, specifically a leaky tank, overheating tank, burnt taste, and of course, a jammed tank.

A stuck tank is one of the most annoying things you’ll come across as a vapor. A jammed tank usually occurs due to over tightening, threading problem, or due to inability to properly grip the tank and twist it open.

Throughout my life as a vapor, I have come across this problem many times. I usually come across a jammed tank when I am unable to grip it properly and twist it. Since the e-liquid tends to buildup on the outside of the tank, gripping it properly is the most common problems you’ll face when opening the tank.

The real difficulty is that the tank can get stuck from two places – one at the connection it has with the box mod, second at the connection it has with the coil/atomizer. Depending on your problem, the remedy differs. You are free to use any method necessary to open your tank, but this usually means you’ll also end up breaking it if you are not careful.

So take out all the steam and stress on something else, have a cool mind, and then come back to open the tank. There are many tried and tested ways to deal with a jammed tank. I have compiled the most effective tricks, techniques, and hacks to deal with a stuck tank.

I hope by the end of this guide, you’ll have an open tank in your hand without any damages caused to it.

How to open a stuck tank with simple science

Opening a tank is all about science! The issue is usually easily revolved if you know where and how to make use of torque. The key is to apply as much torque as needed to get it opened. But since tanks have several parts, applying pressure and torque without damaging the tank is not an easy task.

With even a little bit of wrong pressure, you can break the pyrex glass on your tank. You may even damage the rotating screw of the tank if you’re not careful.

If you decide to go bare hands wrestling with your tank, always make sure you are applying the force on the right part of the tank. You need to know exactly where the tank is stuck from. Is it stuck from mod to tank connection, or is it stuck from tank to atomizer connection?

Applying force on the pyrex glass or the airflow of the tank usually never helps, but it is the first thing people do out of frustration anyway. Since there are a lot of tank designs out there, it can be hard to tell you the exact way to open a tank with the right amount of pressure. The idea is to use force in the right area and avoid damaging other parts with excessive force.

Opening a jammed e-cig tank with household items

If you are the kind that takes extra precautions while handling an e-cig tank, then I am glad to tell you that there are many products that are made for jammed tanks. But this would mean that you will have to spend a little extra on these accessories, but since they unstuck your tank without damaging it, they’re definitely useful.

If you are having a problem applying force on the right part of the tank due to a slippery surface, then you can use many household items to help you properly grip the tank. Here are some things you can try.

Bottom of a mouse pad – the mouse pad has a very sticky surface on its bottom which is ideal to help you grip the tank. Just make sure you don’t apply pressure on the pyrex glass. Try and grip the tank at the very bottom and give it a good twist in the right angle. This usually gets the job done.

Rubberband – The rubber band technique is one of the most popular ways to open a stuck tank. Simply put a thick rubber band around the bottom of the tank for added grip and give it a good twist. This works wonders for a stuck tank, believe me.

Dishwasher gloves – dishwasher gloves are also an ideal way to increase the grip around the tank, especially if your tank is slippery with all the e-liquid. These gloves are easily available from a grocery store. Just grab a pair, wear them, and start applying careful force around the bottom of the tank to unlock the jammed part.

Pliers – Pliers are another life savior tool that can help you with a jammed tank. But this hack should be your last resort. Remember, pliers can easily damage the tank if you don’t carefully use them. Make sure that you are applying a gentle force with the pliers. Since pliers are made to unstuck stuff, they shouldn’t require you to apply too much force in the first place.

Precautions to take when opening the tank

If your tank is stuck to your mod, then you need to take extreme precautions to ensure that you don’t damage the tank or the mod.

Make sure to remove the batteries of the mod before you start with the unjamming process. If your mod has a unibody and you cannot remove batteries, make sure it is powered off. Most tanks require five button clicks to turn it off.

When you are dealing with a stuck tank on a mod, always apply gentle pressure. Don’t use excessive force altogether because this can damage the thread of the tank and mod connection. If you somehow damage this thread, you’ll start getting an error on your mod which essentially means that you have broken the mod.

Tanks can easily be unstuck from the mod if you apply pressure on the right part with a cool mind. If you think you are someone who doesn’t have the patience to deal with a jammed tank, take to the nearest e-cig shop and have an expert look at it, especially if your mod and tank are both expensive.

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