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Electronic Cigarette Tips – Buying One

There has been quite some talk about electronic cigarettes in recent time, from how it helps an individual get rid of the smoking habit to how it serves as a healthier option for individuals who just cannot let go their smoking desires. To a great extent, electronic cigarettes are indeed a healthier option and they help curb down the smoking appetite of an individual. However, not all of them sold in the market can walk the talk. There are many online and traditional stores selling these electronic cigarettes; thus, it is fairly easy to get hold of one. However, buying a true quality electronic cigarette could involve some soul-searching, as not all sellers sell electronic cigarettes of top-notch quality. There are several different quality varieties, brands and styles in electronic cigarettes. Just trying a specific variety and concluding the feel of an electronic cigarette would be an inaccurate and unfair analysis. We would look some of the electronic cigarette tips for shopping, which would probably help the buyer get the right or most appropriate e-cigarette kits with these e cig buying tips.

Determine the Smoking Kind

  • There are basically three kinds of smokers: social smokers, moderate smokers, and chain smokers. The social smoker does not go beyond half a pack for a day. The moderate smoker would smoke in one full pack in a day, whereas the heavy or chain smoker would go beyond 2 cigarette packs a day fairly easily. The electronic cigarettes bought should quench the smoking thirst of the individual. For a heavy smoker, heavier duty e-cigarettes would be appropriate. These e-cigarettes have increased smoke volume, stronger flavor, and a longer battery life. E-cigarettes with such qualities would usually be a bit expensive, and it could be confusing at times to determine the heaviness of the power of an e-cigarette, as the product descriptions are usually not easily comprehensible.

Seek Value

  • An expensive e-cigarette does not necessarily indicate high quality. However, the quality of a cheaper electronic cigarette is usually low to negligible. It is not the cost, but the value that is the key. Customer service options and the money back guarantee offer given by the seller are some indications that the product is of decent quality, if not great.


  • The smoker might need a household outlet and a USB charger. Most of the e-cigarette starter kits come with a USB; individuals with no or very little access to a computer might not be mighty pleased with this. The basic kits come with a household and a USB charger. Some of the other kits also offer portable charging or car charger packs. The portable kits are not very efficient and inappropriate for heavy smokers.

Carrying Case

  • A carrying case is essential as it helps keep track of the cartridges, batteries, and the electronic cigarettes, of course. Most e-cigarette companies also do not recommend carrying cartridges along with the cigarette, as the unit can get activated even with the slightest of movements, thereby getting the cartridge heated up and the liquid dripping down. With a carrying case, these different components can be stored separately and securely.


  • The more smoke emitted, the more juice gets drained out of the battery. A lighter or a smaller battery may be enough for a light smoker. However, for individuals with a larger crave, a weaker or a smaller battery might prove to be irritating. A battery on a single charge would usually last equivalent to a single pack of cigarettes.


  • As most of the expenses in the future with an electronic cigarette would be on replacement cartridges, the price is a factor that cannot be ignored. The pricing of the cartridges are pretty much similar across various sellers; however, some of them might last for a longer duration.


  • Traditional smokers, to be on the safer side, should not expect an e-cigarette to be a perfect replacement for the real cigarette, though they come fairly close. And there are some e-cigarettes that might need adjustments. However, the good thing with electronic cigarettes is that they do not leave a horrible taste or do not smell like the real ones. Most e-cigarettes’ tobacco taste is milder and going back to a real cigarette from the electronic one would make the real tobacco taste harsh and strong. The flavor range and strength should be determined by the individual before choosing the e-cigarette.

Flavors and Designs

  • There are several flavors available with e-cigarettes; chocolate, cherry, coffee, etc. being a few of them. The flavors available with e-cigarettes give the impression as one is out there at a candy store. The light smokers should probably experiment with flavors; the heavy and moderate smokers should stay away from flavors as that might not go down well with them. The custom designs and different color e-cigarettes can be tried as well.

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