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Electronic Cigarette Reviews – Rogers Favorite ECigs

me at park

Yeah I YoYo lol 😉

Rogers reviews by… Roger Taht

I wanted to create a page to go over so of the best e-cigarette companies from my experience for 2013 and going into 2014. I could have never imagined this site growing like it did and I have been getting requests left and right to review even more and more electronic cigarette brands. We only leave reviews on products we have actually tried and try to do a video review as well when time permits.

I have my favorite e cigs as you will see, but at the end of the day like I say in most of my posts, my favorite my be your least favorite and vice versa. You will have to try different brands and disposable e cigs are great and cheap way to do that.

Below I have layed out my top e cigarette brands with basic info and a link to the full review page for each. I also have a list of our ecig coupon codes so be sure to check them out. We have some really exclusive ones just for our site so take advantage of the savings. Here we go…

Why Should You Listen To Me?

greeen smoke usb charger

Don’t Charge 2 At A Time… Crashed My Computer After a Minute lol

You prob shouldn’t, but as a former 2 pack a day smoker to none, I know a few things about smoking. No more smoke for me only vapor. Here is a quick bullet point list of brands I have vaped in alphabetical order

  • Blu Cigs
  • Bull Smoke
  • Ever Smoke
  • Green Smoke
  • Henley Cigs
  • Logic
  • Njoy
  • V2 Cigs

My Top E Cig Brands for 2013

  1. V2 CigsMy Review
  2. Vapor ZoneMy Review
  3. Ever SmokeMy Review
  4. Green SmokeMy Review
  5. South Beach SmokeMy Review
  6. Henley CigsMy Review
  7. Bull SmokeMy Review

What E Cigs Are Comparable To Camel, Newport, Marlboro, Winston Etc…

This is a common question. Most smokers want to know which ecig is going to taste like what they are used too. Here is a basic guide to follow, but again in the end it will be your preference and testing…. Disposable e cigarettes are a great way to test first.

Newport: Green Smoke Menthol Ice | V2 – V2 Menthol
Marlboro Red: V2 Red Flavor | Green Smoke Red Label TobaccoCamel & Winston: Bullsmoke Tobacco Blends

Basic Overview Of My Favorite E-Cig Companies

v2-cig-logoV2 Cigs

  • Quality is amazing
  • Thick flavorful vape
  • Batch assurance
  • Lifetime warranty on batters
  • 30 Day Money Back
  • 10 Flavoris
  • Variety of starter kits

Visit There Site:

green-smoke-logoGreen Smoke

  • Great Price Point
  • 8 Flavors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • I Love the menthol
  • Very nice looking products

Visit There Site:

ever-smoke-logoEver Smoke

  • Prob best priced e cig around
  • Very tasty flavors… lots of fruity ones
  • Lifetime & 1 Year Warranty Available
  • Kits starting as low as $49

Visit There Site:

henley-logoHenley E Cigs

  • Most Stylish E Cig Out There
  • Starter kits at $19!!!
  • 10 Flavors
  • They even have a local vape bar in NYC if you are close.
  • Carry/Charging case is amazing!

Visit Their Site:

bull-smoke-logoBull Smoke

  • Love these guys!
  • Battery just seems to work forever!
  • Very strong tobacoo flavor if you are into that
  • Customer service is top notch
  • Many great flavors

Visit Their Site:

Where Can You Buy Our Top Picks?

Visit the links below to buy your own e cigarette and use the coupon codes listed as well.

E Cigarette Coupon Codes

V2 Cigs Coupons & Discount Codes

Green Smoke Coupons & Discount Codes

Bull Smoke Coupons & Discount Codes

Well that is it for now. I hope this overview makes it easier to understand what brands are out there and which ones might be a good fit for you. At the end of the day we all have different tastes and there is nothing wrong with trying out a few before you pick a brand. And.. hey who said you have to actually pick a brand. There is no reason you can’t switch things up a bit on a daily basis. God only knows how many kits and disposables I have laying around here to choose from. I think I am becoming an ecig collector.

Still Not Sure How All This Works? Check Out Our E Cig Buying Guide Video

5 Responses to “Electronic Cigarette Reviews – Rogers Favorite ECigs”

  1. Avatar Saxon says:

    Ok, evidently if you use the TAB button it will post your comments ….let me try this again.

    1. ProSmokes
    Not only a HUGE rip off, but I am almost certain they are THEE nastiest ecig on the market. Really bad smell and musty cigar taste.

    2. V2 congress:
    Again, that musty cigar taste, cheaper than most. difficult to draw. Not terrible, but I could not continue.

    3. NJoy Yeeeikes. Really botter, musty cigar taste. Left me with a bit of a sore throat, and these are again difficult to draw.

    4. GreenSmokes: Almost hands down the grossest out there, at least that mountain clove flavor. I mean, seriously, CLOVES??? Kind customer service. But I would love to suggest to them that if the provide an actual TOBACCO flavor in the free sample/trial, they would be much better off and would possibly have immediate customers. Again, difficult to draw.

    Logic, Bullsmoke, Blue, South Beach, Vapor Zone, NEWHERE and 2 others that I bought from local gas stations…..again, that weird cigar taste.

    I am beginning to suspect that there is some sort of chemical which causes that musty cigar flavor in ALL e-cigs. I would give just about anything to find an e-cig that is easy to draw and doesn’t have that pungent cigar taste.

    So, if anyone can recommend any brand not listed on this site, or maybe an unknown one, that doesn’t have that pugent cigar taste, please reply and let me know. Lord knows, I will never give up TRYING to quit and trying every available tool that is invented!


  2. Avatar Jayson D. S. says:

    Well, I have tried some e-cigs and they put out little vapor and were hard to draw any vapor out. But I just discovered a great one today and am really excited with it. It draws as easily as a real cig, though it doesn’t look like one, and has many different flavors and nicotine levels from o – 1.6. I bought one for 25 Euros (around $33USD at the poor dollar value now), which included a USB charger (regular electricity adapter was 5 euros more) and one bottle of liquid of your choice. Each extra bottle of liquid is 5 Euros.

    I chose the British tobacco taste with .8 nicotine, and a bottle of pipe tobacco tasting liquid. You can mix any different flavor you like, including many fruit flavors and other tobacco flavors. And each bottle of liquid gives between 5 and 8 packs worth of smoking (that is less than a euro a pack!), depending on how much you smoke.

    The brand is called “Smoke Quality”, and Italian brand, and I am thrilled with it. They are very inexpensive, draw as easily as a real cig and give real tobacco taste that has been lost with all the chemical additives in cigs today.

    Try this brand. Look up their website and find a place near you that sells them. They are the best I have ever found after several years of searching. Now I can smoke and enjoy it without the smell and the health risk – and in the house, after smoking outside for years so the house wouldn’t stink and get everything coated with tar.

    I haven’t tried all of the above brands, but I am so sold on Smoke Quality e-cigs I don’t need to try others, and the price is far better too. Try them!

  3. Avatar Karen Dolby says:

    Have you tried White Cloud ?? Thry are the first and only I’ve ever used, till today, (Easter) when most places except the gas station were closed and I had to buy an ‘Njoy’ ! Not happy with it cause it seems like it’s not gonna last to long. I LOVE White Cloud with their variety of flavors & strengths ! Plus, the price is right ! Thanks for you site, it’s very interesting ! 8^)

  4. Avatar Penny says:

    I am 46 years old and have been smoking since I was 16 or 17 years old. I tried Nicoderm patches once and I quit for 5 years but started back. I have since started using the E-cigs. I love the Blue cig and one called Mystic. I smoked Marlboro lights. The Mystic has worked for me. I am no longer a smoker. I feel so much better, no coughing, more energy, no stinky smoke smell etc…

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