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The Ultimate Electronic Cigarette Buying Guide

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Below is the ultimate guide to buyer electronic cigarettes. If you have questions, you will find the answers here… Read on and enjoy…

Electronic Cigarette – A Revolutionary Product Set Out To Change the Life of Millions

Smoking has been credited as one of the leading causes of death in the entire world. In the United States of America, approximately 500,000 deaths per year are reported due to a disease caused by smoking. A recent research also claims that about 1/3 of China’s male population will have a short lived life due to smoking. It has also been revealed that both males and females, who are regular smokers, lose about 13.2 and 14.5 years of their life as a result of consistent smoking. Lung cancer, which is the major cause of death for smokers, is likely to cause death for a person under the age of 85 with a 22.1% chance, while for female, this count is 11.9%. Even smoking a single cigarette a day causes a risk of heart attack or heart disease. Some of the most known diseases caused by smoking cigarettes are lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, vascular stenosis, heart attack and various other heart diseases.

Governments and health authorities all over the world work hand in hand to prevent people from smoking, but their efforts have so far been ignored by the most regular smokers. Even when people want to quit smoking, the addiction of nicotine is something that only few can live without.

One man, a regular smoker of tobacco filled cigarettes set out to change the world by creating an alternative product for smokers. Hon Lik, a Chinese entrepreneur, pharmacist and inventor, after seeing his own father killed by lung cancer due to smoking, created the electronic cigarette that will change the life of millions forever.

Table of Contents

1. History of Electronic Cigarettes……………………………………………………………………..4
1.1 First Ever Smokeless Cigarette Concept…………………………………………………………..4
1.2 Different Experiments by the Industry…………………………………………………………….5
1.3 Hon Lik – The Father of Electronic Cigarettes………………………………………………….6
1.4 The Modern Electronic Cigarette…………………………………………………………………….6

2. How The Modern Electronic Cigarette Works………………………………………………..7
2.1 The Three Part Design…………………………………………………………………………………….7
2.2 The Two Part Design……………………………………………………………………………………….9

3. Electronic Cigarette as a Smoking Cessation………………………………………………..11
3.1 The Claims of the Industry…………………………………………………………………………….11
3.2 Research by University of Auckland………………………………………………………………11
3.3 Research by Boston University………………………………………………………………………11
3.4 MHRA UK on Accepting Electronic Cigarettes as a Smoking Cessation Tool…..12
3.4 Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………………………………….12

4. Electronic Cigarette as an Alternative to Smoking……………………………………….13
4.1 Electronic Cigarette Benefits over Traditional Cigarettes………………………………13
4.2 Celebrities and Electronic Cigarettes……………………………………………………………..13


5. Health Implications of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes………………………………….16
5.1. How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes?……………………………………………………….16
5.2. Safety Concerns Of FDA……………………………………………………………………………….16
5.3. Opinion Regarding Safety Of Electronic Cigarettes……………………………………….17
5.4. Ingredients Of Electronic Cigarettes…………………………………………………………….17

6. Safe Electronic Cigarettes: How to Pick Out a Safe Product?……………………..20
6.1. What Do Experts Say About E-Cigs?……………………………………………………….20
6.2. Choosing A Reputable Brand………………………………………………………………………..21
6.3. Tips For Selecting A Safe Product…………………………………………………………………21
6.4. Features of a Good Manufacturer………………………………………………………………..22

7. Opposing Electronic Cigarettes: Campaigns Held Against Device…………………23
7.1. Senator Lautenberg……………………………………………………………………………………..23
7.2. ASH………………………………………………………………………………………………………………24
7.3. Controversy Surrounding Electronic Cigarettes Antagonists…………………………24

8. Electronic Cigarettes And Accessibility…………………………………………………………27
8.1. Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes………………………………………………………………….27

9. Ten Facts About Electronic Cigarette……………………………………………………………29
9.1. Important Facts About Electronic Cigarettes………………………………………………..29

10. Electronic Cigarettes And Sex: Do E-Cigs Improve Sex Life?…………………….32
10.1 Can Electronic Cigarettes Improve Your Sex Life?…………………………………….32
10.2. Smoking And Impotency…………………………………………………………………………….33
10.3. How Do Electronic Cigarettes Actually Improve Sex Life?…………………………34


Chapter 1 – History of Electronic Cigarettes

1.1 First Ever Smokeless Cigarette Concept

The electronic cigarette came into being in the year 2000 when Hon Lik revolutionized the idea and actually created it. But the first concept goes back to as far as 1963. The concept came through an idea by Herber A. Gilbert who patented the device in 1963. This patent described the device as a smokeless non- tobacco cigarette by replacing the burning tobacco and the paper with a heated, moist and flavored air. According to the patent, the idea was that this device would heat up the nicotine solution and presented it in steam. The concept received critical acclaim and infact Gilbert was approached by many companies who were ready to manufacture the device, but it was never commercialized and went into complete disappearance in 1967.



Image: The first ever concept of a non-tobacco cigarette by Herbert A. Gilbert

Herbert A. Gilbert’s smokeless cigarette was designed to allow the micro cells in the cigarette to give the flavor of tobacco. The user was instructed to compress the cigarette between their fingers by rolling and squeezing it. This action would have the cigarette trap air inside that the user could inhale later. When the user squeezed the cigarette, it would also break the small micro cells that contained the flavor of tobacco.

Gilbert said that his smokeless cigarette would not be accepted by everyone because some very heavy smokers would not get the same satisfaction from it. But he also added that those who were very heavy smokers could easily add burning tobacco at the end of the cigarette. This smoke would be blocked from entering the cigarette. Because when the micro cells break, they produce heat, so the users could easily feel the heat also entering their mouths.

1.2 Different Experiments by the Industry

The tobacco industry did try to revolutionize the way people smoke cigarettes. But this industry was built upon not admitting that cigarettes are harmful. If they had produced an alternative themselves, it would have actually meant that this industry had finally admitted that a cigarette is dangerous and threatening to health.

The Premier Smokeless cigarette

The Premier was a smokeless cigarette created by the R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company. It was released in the United States during 1998. The smokeless cigarette operated by heating and aerosolizing the tobacco flavor. The company thought that the main reason a regular cigarette was harmful was due to the combustion that takes place when tobacco and paper is burnt, so it went out to get rid of combustion from the equation. The result was the Premier smokeless cigarette.


Image: Left – R.J Reynolds Smokeless Cigarette. Right – Regular Cigarette

The project took many years to complete and the cost of its development exceeded $1 billion. Unfortunately, R.J Reynolds became a victim of critics and activists who labeled the device as a drug. The device was not successful because according to its users, an unpleasant taste that felt like charcoal was left after one was done smoking the cigarette. R.J R tried its best to market the product and even released a manual to instruct people. The company also claimed that in order to acquire the taste of the cigarette, a user has to go through at least 3 packs. But in reality, people only smoked one cigarette and the rest either went to the bin or was shared among friends. The device was pulled out of the market in 1989.

1.3 Hon Lik – The Father of Electronic Cigarettes

Hon Lik was such a regular smoker that the first thing in the morning he did was to light a cigarette. He used to smoke between lectures when he was studying Oriental medicine, during the lunch time, in the lab and whenever he could get the chance to smoke. During his normal day routine, Hon Lik used to smoke about 3 packs a day.

Lik kept up with his habits until his father, also a very heavy smoker, died of lung cancer. This is when Hon decided to try and get away from his smoking habits. Hon’s story is shared by millions across the world that see their loved ones go away due to their heavy and chain smoking habits. But being a pharmacist and inventor, Hon did not just want to quit smoking; he wanted to create an alternative product so that the harmful part of smoking could be avoided. This is when Hon came up with a unique, revolutionary product known as the electronic cigarette.

An electronic cigarette that did not burn at all but instead, it used a small lithium battery that atomized the liquid nicotine solution. The smoke that comes out of the electronic cigarette is infact not smoke but vapor. The electronic cigarette was later further upgraded to add a burning LED light at the top of the cigarette so whenever someone puffed on the cigarette, it would light up giving a realistic feeling of smoking.

Hon, who had now quit smoking, showed of the device in his office and said that it was a cleaner and safer way to inhale the nicotine. Hon later on got the patent on his electronic cigarette in 2003. The year after that, Hon took this revolutionary product to the market and manufacturing of it immediately began.

Today there are tons of electronic cigarette manufacturers all over the United States of America and the world beyond. Each has their own design and flavors available.

1.4 The Modern Electronic Cigarette

The basic idea of Hon Lik has now gone through several changes and as a result we have a comprehensive and state of the art new devices available in the market. Each manufacturer has changed the design slightly, giving consumers more choice so that they can settle for a brand that suits best to them. Manufacturers, mainly in the United States, recreated the electronic cigarette based of the original idea and turned it into a two or three part design. As a result, the modern electronic cigarette is easier to use and understand by the consumer than ever before. The modern electronic cigarette consists of an atomizer, battery and cartridge design or cartomizer (a combination of atomizer and cartridge) and battery.



Chapter 2 – How The Modern Electronic Cigarette Works

2.1 The Three Part Design


Image: A Three Part Electronic Cigarette Design

Although all electronic cigarettes work on the same basic design, but manufacturers have come up with ways to improve the overall design for user convenience. The three part design was the first design that every manufacturer adapted to. It consisted of three main parts, the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge.


Image: Battery of a Typical Electronic Cigarette














The battery is the main part of an electronic cigarette. It comes in different shapes and sizes and is often accompanied by a LED light on top of it. This battery acts as a charger and power ups the electronic cigarette when air is inhaled through the inhaler tip. The battery often requires a charge before it can be used and this charge is basically essential for an electronic cigarette to operate. Different manufacturers have designed the battery in their own way or on par with the needs of their users. While some come in colorful designs, others resemble a typical cigarette paper.


Image: A Typical Electronic Cigarette Atomizer


Atomizer is the part of the cigarette that acts as a heating component. When air is inhaled, it causes the atomizer to produce heat which is then passed through the cartridge. When the cartridge is heated up, it produces vapor and the flavor within the cartridge is passed on to the smoker.


Image: A Typical Electronic Cigarette Cartridge


The cartridge is the part where manufacturers can add flavor and nicotine strength. This is shaped and acts like a cigarette butt. The only difference is that the cartridge contains liquid nicotine and the flavor. When the atomizer heats up, the warm air goes through the cartridge and the flavor and nicotine is released and passed on to the user through the inhaler part of the cartridge.

Operation of a Three Part Design

When the user inhales through the silicon tip at the bottom of the cartridge, the air enters the cigarette through the battery. This triggers a sensor installed in the battery which turns the electronic cigarette on. When it has turned on, the atomizer starts heating up and this heat causes the liquid nicotine cartridge to send vapor full of flavor and nicotine to the user. In the three part design, the failure of atomizer is moderately high compared to a two part design.


Image: A Three Part Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit by GreenSmoke


2.2 The Two Part Design



Image: A Two Part Electronic Cigarette Design


The two part electronic cigarette design is a recent innovation by the electronic cigarette industry. It consists of a battery and a combination of atomizer and cartridge into a single package known as the cartomizer. The operation of the electronic cigarette remains the same, but the cartomizer becomes refillable instead of disposable. Manufacturers sell liquid nicotine with flavors in small liquid carrying bottles (also known as re-fillers). These re-fillers can help a user refill the cartomizer so that the cigarette keeps producing the required effects.

Operation of a Two Part Design

The operation of a two part design is identical to the three part design. The only difference is that the atomizer is now a part of the cartridge. The result of combining these together is a slightly longer life of the atomizer and as reported by some, may also improve flavor.




Chapter 3 – Electronic Cigarette as a Smoking Cessation

3.1 The Claims of the Industry

When electronic cigarettes were really new in the market, manufacturers claimed that electronic cigarettes could help people quit smoking. This claim has been deemed illegal by the FDA. This is because electronic cigarette is generally a new product and no studies have taken place that actually proof that the device is safe to use and can be used as a smoking cessation. Researchers say that technology needs to be at least ten years old so there can be a comprehensive study over it. However, that didn’t stop researchers from outside FDA to test the product and its claims. There have been many research studies made available that have produced interesting results so far.

3.2 Research by University of Auckland

The University of Auckland, based in Auckland, New Zealand, conducted a research over the use of electronic cigarettes and its capabilities as a smoking cessation. The research is called ‘Effect of an E-Cigarette on Cravings and Withdrawal, Acceptability and Nicotine Delivery: Randomized Cross-Over Trial’. The research was conducted with the help of 40 regular smoking adults who smoked at least one pack a day. The electronic cigarettes used in the research had placebo capsules and nicotine cartridges separated between the cigarettes.

The results posted by the University of Auckland revealed that adults who used electronic cigarettes with 16mg nicotine cartridges over the time of 60 minutes faced less craving for smoking compared to those adults who took the placebo electronic cigarette over the same period of time. For complete report and results, follow the source:

3.3 Research by Boston University

An online survey research conducted by the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, revealed interesting results that showed electronic cigarettes can indeed be used as smoking cessation. The survey was called ‘Electronic Cigarettes as a Smoking Cessation tool’. The method of research was to conduct an online survey between regular smoking adults who found change in habit after 6 months of using an electronic cigarette.

The survey was taken by 222 individuals both male and female. About 71.5% males and 28.5% females took the survey. The majority of respondents reported smoking for more than 6 years. It was reported that nearly two smoked at least every day after the use of electronic cigarettes with half reported reducing the intake of nicotine. The other half of respondents agreed that they had quit smoking for a small period of time after their first use of electronic cigarette. The findings by the study clearly suggested that electronic cigarettes have a potential of being used as a smoking cessation tool. The researchers also said that if more research can be conducted, more positive results can be found out.

3.3 MHRA UK on Accepting Electronic Cigarettes as a Smoking Cessation Tool

After conclusions from many researchers conducted outside the FDA, MHRA in the United Kingdom now openly accepts electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool that can help save lives. But the MHRA wants to ensure that the availability of electronic cigarette be limited by accepting it as a medicine instead of a typical smoking cessation device. While this move by the MHRA is good news for all electronic cigarette smokers, some deem this as a conspiracy by the pharmaceutical company to take the control of the electronic cigarette industry.

3.4 Conclusion

While there are many researchers out there that have proven through studies that the electronic cigarette can be a smoking cessation tool, none of the studies are deemed 100% correct by the authorities. There is still no solid proof that an electronic cigarette can be an effective and safe smoking cessation tool. But this does not mean that you should not try using it as an aid to help you in quitting smoking.


Chapter 4 – Electronic Cigarette as an Alternative to Smoking

4.1 Electronic Cigarette Benefits over Traditional Cigarettes

Now that you know that electronic cigarettes can be used as aid in quitting smoking, what are the other reasons you should choose an electronic cigarette over a traditional tobacco filled cigarette?

Here are a couple of reasons for using electronic cigarettes outside the use to quit smoking:

Massive Savings: It is not hard to see that electronic cigarettes can save you a lot of money over an year compared to a traditional cigarette. Many manufacturers are selling refillable electronic cigarette cartridges that cost as much as $5 per pack with claims that it can last much more than a typical cigarette. According to different manufacturers of electronic cigarette, a typical electronic cigarette cartridge can live as long as 3 packs of a regular cigarette. That means if you spend $7 on a single pack and smoke 3 days a pack, you could be saving $11 everyday. Throughout the year, you could end up saving a lot of money by simply using an electronic cigarette. The initial cost of getting a starter kit for an electronic cigarette might get some people to change their minds, but when you look at the long term saving, electronic cigarette is the victor.

Smoke in prohibited locations: The use of traditional tobacco cigarette has been banned by the authorities all over the world in public places. These include parks, restaurants, airports, inside planes, bars, clubs, pubs and everywhere else indoors. Since an electronic cigarette does not include the harmful smoke that is created due to combustion, the vapor coming out when you exhale is completely safe for people present near you. This makes it possible for you to smoke an electronic cigarette wherever you desire. Even locations with strict prohibition over smoking cannot stop you from smoking an electronic cigarette.

Free of Toxins: Electronic cigarette vapor is 100% toxin free because of no combustion taking place. There is no smoke with harmful chemicals when you inhale and exhale, making it a perfect tool to smoke in places never before. Even people who usually are really sensitive to smoke will not feel any harm with you smoking in front of them.

Smell: The electronic cigarette’s smell is near to non existence. This is due to the vapor that is produced when you inhale the cigarette. The vapor quickly vanishes into thick air without leaving any trail or smell. With electronic cigarettes, you can easily smoke and not smell bad in front of everyone else and you can finally get rid of those deodorants you keep aside you all the time to hide the smell of smoking.

4.2 Celebrities and Electronic Cigarettes

Ever since the release of electronic cigarettes, many celebrities who used to smoke regular tobacco cigarettes have shifted to electronic cigarettes. Here are just a few of them pictured with an electronic cigarette.



David Letterman and Katherine Heigl were sighted smoking an electronic cigarette during the late night interview show.

David Letterman: David Letterman and Katherine Heigl were sighted smoking an electronic cigarette during the late night interview show. David Letterman explained the device as being great and he had a great time with it.



Johnny Depp E Cigs


Johnny Depp: In the film Tourist, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are both shown enjoying a puff out of an electronic cigarette.





Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas E Cigs



Michael Douglas: Despite being a victim of stage IV throat cancer, Michael Douglas continues to smoke but with the help of electronic cigarettes now.







Carrie Fisher E Cigs



Carrie Fisher: Carrie Fisher was seen smoking her favorite electronic cigarette in front of millions during The Today Show. Carrie Fisher is known for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars movie series. She was smoking the electronic cigarette throughout the interview on the show, giving a message to the public that electronic cigarettes are the next big thing.

A lot of people have adapted to the electronic cigarette agreeing to the fact that it is one of the best devices to arrive in the 21st century. Some people have even reported successfully quitting smoking forever, a habit that was haunting their life since many past years. Now you too can get over smoking and if that is not your aim, then smoking an electronic cigarette is a great alternative since it not only saves you money but also the many troubles that come with traditional smoking.


Chapter 5 – Health Implications of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

5.1. How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Smokers looking to quit smoking and choose electronic cigarettes are mostly concerned about the health implications of smoking cigarettes. It will be very unjust to say that electronic cigarettes are extremely safe and have no health implications. This is because when you smoke electronic cigarettes, you are taking in nicotine and other chemicals that help in reducing your smoking cravings. However, as far as electronic cigarettes go, users don’t consume tar and other harmful substances like they do when they smoke regular cigarettes.

The opinion regarding safety of electronic cigarettes remains mixed. Electronic cigarettes don’t comprise of tobacco, which when burnt produces tar and causes lung cancer in smokers. However, it does contain nicotine which is why health agencies and experts aren’t sure about the safety of the product. Rather than thinking about whether electronic cigarettes are safe, you should ask whether electronic cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes as the answer to that is hundred percent yes.




5.2. Safety Concerns Of FDA

There are many regulatory agencies that aren’t sure regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes. However, despite that, there are many companies in the U.S alone that sell electronic cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration has expressed its concerns regarding inhaling pure nicotine when smokers smoke electronic cigarettes. Moreover, due to the lack of illustration and information about chemical ingredients in electronic cigarettes, some health experts remain skeptic about the product.

5.3. Opinion Regarding Safety Of Electronic Cigarettes

There have been many studies conducted in the past that have agreed that electronic cigarettes are safe to smoke. A new study referenced by WebMd Health News revealed that electronic cigarettes are not bad for your heart. Electronic cigarettes are powered by batteries that help in converting nicotine into vapor. According to the researcher, Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD of Ornassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece, electronic cigarettes can be helpful to smokers to stop smoking.

While further elaborating on his stance, Konstantinos said, “Considering the hazards associated with cigarette smoking, currently available data suggests that electronic cigarettes are far less harmful, and substituting tobacco with electronic cigarettes may be beneficial to health”.

Additionally, according to Chairperson of Tobacco Control Task Force for American Association of Public Health Physicians, Joel Nitzkin, e-cigs carry between 1-1/10 percent of the risk that actual, normal cigarettes contain. On the other hand, David Sweanor, ex-advisor to World Health Organization has a different stance on the matter, as according to David, rather than determining whether electronic cigarettes are safe, one should look at which option is safer. David further proposes that electronic cigarettes are low risk in comparison to regular cigarettes.

5.4. Ingredients Of Electronic Cigarettes

What makes electronic cigarettes so effective are two components: one is Propylene Glycol and the other is nicotine. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain tar, which is the most harmful ingredient found in regular cigarettes. They also don’t contain tobacco. Moreover, according to a study of FDA’s NJOY e-cig, the level of carcinogens in electronic cigarettes is thousand times lower than the level of carcinogens in regular cigarettes. Moreover, the study also looked into the vapor omitted when a person smokes e-cigs and the vapor did not have toxins.



Propylene Glycol

The main ingredient of e-cigs, Propylene Glycol has been approved by the FDA for several different application usages including the following:

  • It is used as food color and flavorines
  • It is used as a solved in injectable and oral formulations
  • It is used in saline solutions
  • It is used as a cooling agent
  • It is a food additive
  • It is also used to add moisture in medicines, toothpastes, mouth wash and cosmetics

Apart from these uses, Propylene Glycol is also used in other applications. The main ingredient of e-cigs is already an FDA approved chemical which shows that it is safe to use. There are also many studies that show that this chemical is not a carcinogen or a skin sensitizer as it has low chronic oral toxicity. Propylene Glycol fulfills its function in electronic cigarettes just as it fulfills its function in other applications and substances. Moreover, the chemical has been used severely since 1942 in pharmaceutical products and is enlisted in the U.S Pharmacopoeia.


The other main ingredient in electronic cigarettes is nicotine. Nicotine level in an e-cig can vary from 0 percent to 2.4 percent. The major concern health experts have over e-cigs is due to nicotine but the amount of nicotine that e-cigs contain is a lot less than the amount of nicotine in regular cigarettes. Moreover, users always have the option of choosing the level of nicotine in their e-cig cartridges.

It is upon the users’ discretion to choose 0 percent level of nicotine to eradicate all sorts of effect of nicotine intake or eventually drop the nicotine level. However, it is safe to conclude that because e-cigs don’t contain as much nicotine as regular cigarettes do, they are a safer choice.

To support the claim that nicotine level in e-cigs is drastically lower than that of regular cigarettes, an FDA analysis revealed that e-cigs comprise of a lot less nicotine than real cigarettes and several other studies in New Zealand and America have both supported this claim.

What Other Ingredients Do Electronic Cigarettes Comprise Of?

The two main components of electronic cigarettes are Propylene Glycol and nicotine but there are other chemicals in the product as well. However, due to the fact that the other chemicals are found in very less quantity in e-cigs, they are mostly ignored in studies.

Electronic cigarettes also contain the following ingredients:

  • 0.5-4 percent of water
  • 1-4 percent flavoring
  • 10 percent Ethanol (provides a cooling effect)
  • 3 percent Malic acid (it is found in sour foods and tarts/ also the main component of unripe fruits)
  • 2.5 percent Vanillin (primary component of vanilla bean extract; used in vanilla flavored cartridges)
  • 1 percent Acetylpyrazine (used for flavoring)
  • 1 percent Menthol (minting effect)
  • 10 percent Linalyl Alcohol


Chapter 6 – Safe Electronic Cigarettes: How to Pick Out a Safe Product?

Whether e-cigs are safe is an ongoing debate and a topic of discussion that has been in the limelight ever since the product was launched several years ago and there is still no common consensus on electronic cigarettes.

6.1. What Do Experts Say About E-Cigs?

There has been a mix of opinion regarding electronic cigarettes. While some say that the product is bad and should not be replaced by regular cigarettes, others suggest that it is a better alternative to regular smokes.

According to an e-cig expert, Mr. James Oliver, electronic cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. In an opinion piece, James said, “Although yes some have suggested the belief that e-cigarettes are probably safer than the toxic soup in tobacco smoke that kills 400k people in USA each year, that is not the same as saying that e-cigarettes are safe or consequence free”. In the entire piece, Mr. Oliver explained that the e-cig approach should be taken in a “harm reduction” framework instead of a harm-free substitute to tobacco.

In addition, Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University School of Public Health, with two decades worth of experience in tobacco control, on the topic of e-cigs says, “I can’t say how safe the electronic cigarette is, but I can say is that it is substantially safer than the conventional cigarette. Inhaling nicotine cannot be nearly as dangerous as inhaling nicotine plus thousands of other chemicals, including more than 40 carcinogens”.

On the other hand, The American Association Of Public Health Physicians has also supported e-cigarettes, saying that smokers can diminish the risk of getting affected by tobacco related diseases by as much as 99.9 percent if they turn towards e-cigarettes, along with greatly minimizing the risk for passive smokers.


6.2. Choosing A Reputable Brand

One of the biggest dangers associated with electronic cigarettes is that the consumers might be cheated. Consumers might think they are spending on a good product but in reality, the product would have been made by a cheap manufacturer. It is always recommended to choose an electronic cigarettes brand that is well known in the market and never settle for cheap alternatives.

There are many electronic cigarettes brands that don’t satisfy the rules and regulations set by health regulations across the globe and due to lack of research on the consumers’ part, such brands tend to flourish.

Some of the common signs in cheap electronic cigarettes include:

  • The cartridge comprises of carcinogens
  • Lead is used by manufacturers to join the components
  • Few mouth pieces can have an adverse impact on users’ health
  • Wall plugs are below standard and don’t meet electrical safety standards

Poorly made electronic cigarettes’ cartridge comprise of carcinogens that will have a very adverse affect on the smokers’ health. Additionally, if the manufacturer uses lead to join different parts of the electronic cigarette, the smoker would also intake lead when he/she is smoking an electronic cigarette. It is also extremely important to have the right mouth piece which is safe and bacteria free. Some electronic manufacturers use low quality or used mouth pieces that may lead to harmful diseases such as hepatitis. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a safe and sound product.

6.3. Tips For Selecting A Safe Product

  • As mentioned earlier, it is important to select a reputable electronic cigarettes brand. To start off with, users should research on the internet and find out more about the best e-cigs brand in the market. Never settle for a cheap brand because cheap manufacturers sell extremely low quality products.
  • To reform and improve your search, it is better to read reviews of e-cig brands on the internet and try to compare some of the most popular brands to find out what one offers and the other doesn’t
  • Finally, after analyzing your needs and looking at the companies that might fulfill them, you should then make a viable choice that will ensure your safety and health

6.4. Features of a Good Manufacturer

There are some features that people should always look for in an electronic cigarettes brand manufacturer. Looking at these features will let them make the right choice about the e-cig brand you want to choose.

Good and quality electronic cigarettes manufacturers are ranked higher and everybody talks about them. For instance, if the brand you are considering is V2Cigs, you can research the internet and see that there are multiple websites that have reviews about the brand. An unknown e-cig brand might be covered by only one or two sites.

Reputable electronic cigarettes manufacturers also offer money back guarantee to users and this doesn’t hold true for unknown brands. Since quality manufacturers know that their product is safe, they offer their customers to get their money back if they don’t like the product. On the contrary, unknown manufacturers only want to sell their product and once the product is sold, customers are never able to get a hold of them.

Quality electronic cigarettes are also devoid of toxins or contain very less toxins. Since non-reputed brands have excessive carcinogens in their cartridges, the level of toxin is high. Toxins will have an adverse impact on your health and may cause severe health problems such as heart attacks.

Choosing a reputable electronic cigarettes brand will not only help you quit the habit of smoking but also allow you to remain healthy and free of harmful substances that otherwise will affect your health adversely. Many people make the mistake of choosing cost over quality but in electronic cigarettes, this is a mistake that you should never make. If you just want to try how electronic cigarettes work, you can spend on a cheaper brand but if you have made the decision of moving ahead with reason, you should make the switch and choose a reputable brand. Electronic cigarettes work best if consumed in the right form, which is why it is of crucial importance for you to select the right e-cig brand.


Chapter 7 – Opposing Electronic Cigarettes: Campaigns Held Against the Device

7.1. Senator Lautenberg

Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, back in 2009, urged the FDA to completely prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes in the United States till they were ruled as a completely safe product to use. Senator Lautenberg was one of the Senate’s leaders in protecting the people of America from the aftermaths of smoking. Lautenberg was also responsible for writing the law that banned smoking on aircrafts that eventually transformed into a bigger and better smoke-free revolution. He also wrote law banning smoking in buildings that serve children.

Senator Lautenberg’s letter to the Food and Drug Administration is pasted below:

March 23, 2009

The Honorable Frank M. Torti
Acting Commissioner
Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD  20903

Dear Acting Commissioner Torti:

I am writing to request that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) take immediate enforcement action against manufacturers of “electronic cigarettes” and take these products off the market until they are proven safe.  In numerous media reports, the FDA has indicated that these products are considered drug-device combinations under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and therefore require prior approval by the FDA before being sold in the United States.  However, e-cigarettes are currently being sold in mall kiosks across the country and on the Internet. 

Electronic cigarettes are being marketed as alternatives to cigarettes and other tobacco products.  They are usually battery-powered devices that use a vapor to deliver nicotine to the smoker.  When the smoker inhales through the device, air flow is detected by a sensor, which activates a heating element that vaporizes a nicotine solution stored in the mouthpiece.  This vapor may also be flavored and provide a physical sensation similar to that of inhaling tobacco smoke. 

Manufacturers and retailers of these products claim that e-cigarettes are safe, and even that these products can help smokers quit traditional cigarettes.  However, there have been no clinical studies to prove these products are effective at helping smokers quit, nor have any studies verified the safety of these products or their long-term health effects. The World Health Organization (WHO), in a release dated September 19, 2008, stated that, “WHO has no scientific evidence to confirm the product’s safety and efficacy.”

For these reasons, I believe the FDA must take immediate action to take these products off the market.   Thank you for your consideration of this request, and I look forward to hearing from you. 


Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ)

7.2. ASH

ASH has two broadly defined branches; ASH UK and ASH US. ASH UK has been an active advocate of electronic cigarettes publically, stating that by no means can electronic cigarettes harm individuals more than regular cigarettes do. However, ASH US has condemned the product and been extremely critical of it.

John Banzhaf of ASH hates electronic cigarettes and here is his take on the product.

  • ·         It uses junk science and unproved claims to part children from parents
  • ·         Has argued that all smokers should be trialed and charged for murders. They should be faced with death penalty in few states
  • ·         Refers to smokers as child murderers, stinkers and also alleges them of child abuse
  • ·         Disapproves life saving treatment for smokers, if they quit smoking and start again


John Banzhaf

John Banzhaf










What people like John don’t understand is that there is no do or die approach to cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking is an addiction and depriving smokers of the product will lead to suicides and social harm. John and other organizations have a purist vision; they want complete removal of the product and don’t see the importance of smoking alternates such as electronic cigarettes that are less harmful and can help smokers quit the habit of smoking. For John, Senator Lautenberg and others, a lesser harm approach doesn’t exist.

7.3. Controversy Surrounding Electronic Cigarettes Antagonists

There is ample evidence of the fact that organizations and individuals that have condemned electronic cigarettes have made millions of dollars through their oppressive campaigns. For instance, in 2011, eight anti-smoking organizations that opposed e-cigs and demanded their removal from retail shops gained $2.8 million from Pfizer. Additionally, based on the financial contribution report published by Pfizer, anti smoking groups that have promoted organizations to protest against electronic cigarettes have pocketed millions of dollars from Chantix, a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Chantix is a smoking cessation product that will be in great disadvantage if electronic cigarettes excel in the market. Moreover, the organizations have also failed to reveal their financial motivation in Big Pharma when openly opposing e-cigs.

According to The Rest Of The Story, the eight organizations that gained hefty amount of money in 2011 and 2012 from Big Pharma’s Pfizer include the following:

  • American Academy of Pediatrics: gained money: $720,800
  • Action on Smoking and Health: gained money $200,000
  • American Cancer Society: Gained money $252,750
  • American Legacy Foundation: Gained money $300,000
  • American Heart Association: Gained money $136,000
  • Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids: Gained money $100,000
  • American Lung Association: Gained money $190,250
  • American Medical Association: Gained money $857,000




The figures are proof that having a strong financial interest can jeopardize the success of products such as electronic cigarettes. Since electronic cigarettes currently stand in a middle ground, financial interests of the aforementioned organizations and more have further threatened their position. All of the eight organizations have accepted huge funding from Big Pharma and Big Pharma happens to be the producer of a smoking cessation drug that is in direct competition against e-cigs.

Financial interest explains the pursuit of organizations against electronic cigarettes; a product that many ex-smokers have claimed to be extremely helpful. Additionally, another advocate of e-cig removal from markets, Senator Lautenberg’s campaign against electronic cigarettes was also unsurprisingly funded by Big Pharma. Lautenberg’s campaign against the product received $128,250.

There is ample evidence that majority of US public health organizations have received and continue to receive excessive funding from pharmaceutical groups to demonstrate against products that jeopardize the success of their own complimentary products. The respective pharma-groups have trade millions of dollars worth of nicotine cessation products and the e-cig industry is deemed as a threat to their products.

Another strong oppressor of electronic cigarettes, ASH is also a part of the same funding program from Pfizer. The organization has received 47 million dollar through funds. Pfizer is the creator of Chantix/Champix and the death rates associated with some of Pfizer’s creations are higher than those related to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes comprise of nicotine; when questioning a drug, the method of intake should be the first thing that one should question. By no means are electronic cigarettes as harmful as regular cigarettes as they lack tobacco and aren’t burnt. Those who question nicotine should also question other drugs such as caffeine that is found in coffee and popular energy drinks such as Red Bull. It is clear that multi-billion organizations are pursuing their own interest and are constantly attempting to promote their manufactured products. Since they have the money and power, they are equipped to eradicate any product that endangers their products and due to this, they find electronic cigarettes as a threat. Nicotine cessation products produced by Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies haven’t risen to as much fame as electronic cigarettes have which is why they payout known organizations millions of dollars to publicize the so-called harmful effects of effective products such as electronic cigarettes. Such companies look at the money incentive only and ignore the public to achieve their goals successfully.


 Chapter 8 – Electronic Cigarettes and Accessibility

Despite facing critic, electronic cigarettes have proven to be extremely successful for those who have tried it. There are countless benefits of smoking electronically.

8.1. Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes








No Restrictions On Smoking

An increasing number of places have banned users from smoking inside. These places include restaurants and even some bars. As a smoker, you might feel frustrated when you aren’t allowed to smoke. There are many people who also have to take breaks even when at formal dinners to puff a cigarette as they are prohibited to do so inside. However, with electronic cigarettes, there are no restrictions. You can smoke wherever you want, even in places where it is banned to smoke. People around you won’t get bothered by the vapor because it is odorless and no restaurant has a policy against electronic cigarettes. By using electronic cigarettes, you can maintain your cigarette smoking habit while causing no harm to your health.

No Passive Smoke

If you pick up electronic cigarettes, you will also not have to worry about second hand smoke and how others get affected by it. Electronic cigarettes don’t give off any second hand smoke. There are many studies that have concluded that second hand smoking is worse than regular smoking and with e-cigs, you will no longer have to worry about damaging the health of your children or your partner. Electronic cigarettes omit vapor but the vapor disappears within seconds and doesn’t stick in the air for too long as regular cigarette smoke does.

Improved Health

Regular cigarettes are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people across the globe worldwide. As electronic cigarettes don’t contain tar, toxins or poisons, there are no serious health concerned related to e-cigs. Through e-cigs, you can keep ‘smoking’ but not affect your health adversely. Smoking electronically also improves the skin and makes a person feel fresh and energetic.


Electronic cigarettes don’t have to be heated with a match or lighter. You can carry electronic cigarettes with you anywhere you want and not worry about not having a lighter or finding the right place to light it. E-cigs operate on a battery which means you will have one less thing to carry around.

No Ashtrays Required

Electronic cigarettes don’t produce ashes and hence, you will not require any ashtrays to throw the ash in. With electronic cigarettes, there will be no more holes in clothes, carpets and car interiors to worry about. You cannot burn anything with electronic cigarettes as they don’t have to be lighted.


Chapter 9 – Ten Facts about Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes were launched in U.S in 2007 and are considered as an alternate to regular cigarettes. E-cigs look very similar to regular cigarettes but the difference is found on the internal end of the two products. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. They work by heating up liquid form of nicotine that converts into vapor that smokers inhale and exhale. The main place to buy e-cigs is on the internet as the product is available readily on online retailers and through the manufacturers’ own websites.

Those who have tried electronic cigarettes say that they feel better after using them as they are less injurious to your health and allow them to save money.

9.1. Important Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

No Smoking

Electronic cigarettes look exactly like regular cigarettes but the one big difference between the two is that they don’t have to be lighted up like normal cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes operate on a battery and comprise of a vaporization chamber and a cartridge that contains e-liquid (has nicotine). The method of smoking e-cigs and regular cigarettes is the same. Once you turn on the electronic cigarette, it will heat the e-liquid in the cartridge to convert nicotine into vapor. Inhaling the liquid will deliver nicotine in your blood stream and exhaling it will produce vapor (similar to smoke omitted by regular cigarettes). Electronic cigarettes don’t burn and they don’t smell like normal cigarettes.

Health Concerns

Many health experts and regulatory agencies still remain unsure about e-cigs and their impact on the smokers’ health. Even though there are many companies that are making electronic cigarettes worldwide, companies don’t list down particular safety or health claims on the product. The Food and Drug Administration along with health experts criticize the product because it makes smokers’ inhale nicotine directly. The FDA also argues that manufacturers don’t list down the entire ingredients of the electronic cigarette on the product which makes them unsure about the chemicals and other toxins it contains.


Electronic cigarettes can be purchased in varying levels of nicotine. Some cigarettes may contain as much nicotine as regular cigarettes and even more. Users can choose the nicotine level in their cartridges as majority of the manufacturers leave this choice up to the users. Electronic cigarettes can also be purchased with zero level of nicotine. Most users decide to drop the nicotine level with time, starting from high level of nicotine to moderate and eventually zero.

Buyers And Sellers Of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are sold across the world and can be purchased directly from the internet. The product was first created by a Chinese company named Ruyan but many companies in the U.S and globally produces the product themselves. Since there are restrictions on shipping the product, many companies have started to produce the product locally, in their domestic market. Electronic cigarettes can also be purchased by visiting the websites of the product’s manufacturer. There is no age limit on buying the product as you don’t have to show an identity on the internet to buy it. There are also no restrictions on getting your hands on the product in retail stores.

Not For Kids

Electronic cigarettes may attract a lot of younger customers because of the flavors available to be used in the product. Many manufacturers sell an assortment of flavors with the e-cig such as chocolate, berry, strawberry, cherry and so much more that they may play a huge role in attracting children towards them. E-cigs are sold on the internet and therefore there is no way the manufacturer of the product can know that the buyer is above 18 or not. However, generally, e-cigs should not be purchased by kids. For buying regular cigarettes, there is an age limit of 18+ but there is no age limit on buying electronic cigarettes.

Require Maintenance

Electronic cigarettes operate on batteries and therefore require maintenance. Once the battery drains, you have to charge it in order to use it again. However, all e-cig manufacturers give users the choice of buying additional batteries from saving them the trouble of having to wait for their battery to be charged again. Electronic cigarettes also require refill of e-liquids mostly on a weekly basis or more, depending on how often you smoke them. Refilling can either be done by users at home or they can simply buy e-liquids and adjust them in their cigarettes. Nicotine liquid or commonly known as e-liquid is also available in bulk for those who like to keep their items in stock.

One Time Investment

Electronic cigarettes are expensive but they are a onetime investment. In the short term and long term both, they will help you save a lot of money as you will not be required to buy a pack of cigarette every other day or daily. A typical starter kit of electronic cigarettes cost about $60-$150. Some are cheaper and some are expensive. However, once you buy electronic cigarettes, you will not be required to spend money on them over and over again. Doing the math will help you determine how they can help you save a lot of money by keeping you from buying regular smokes.

Can Be Smoked Everywhere

Electronic cigarettes can generally be smoked everywhere, even in places where there is a ban on public smoking. Majority of the manufacturers of the product cash in on this advantage in advertisements. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked everywhere including restaurants and airports since they don’t have to be lighted and they don’t omit smoke.

No Secondhand Smoke

Electronic cigarettes don’t produce any sort of secondhand smoke like regular cigarettes do. The vapor that is omitted by the cigarettes contains water and disperses within seconds of its release. Due to the fact that e-cigs don’t omit harmful toxins in their smoke, they are considered a safe product. Moreover, it is widely believed that secondhand smokers (that inhale regular cigarettes’ smoke) are more prone to harmful diseases and the effect of regular cigarettes is higher for secondhand smokers. However, all of these concerns are missing with electronic cigarettes because they don’t contain tobacco, they aren’t lighted and they don’t produce smoke that may be injurious to those around e-cig smokers.

Unregulated By FDA

The Food and Drug Administration is currently in the process of determining the safety of e-cigs and therefore the process of regulating them is still on hold. According to the manufacturers of the product, e-cigs are recreational and should not be taken up by the FDA for regulation. In the past, two popular e-cig brands, NJOY and Smoking Everywhere, filed a lawsuit against the FDA in the District of Colombia for seizing their products. The companies won, as the judge ruled “that there is no basis for the FDA to treat electronic cigarettes as a drug device combination when all they purport to do is offer consumers the same recreational effects as a regular cigarette”.


Chapter 10 – Electronic Cigarettes And Sex: Do E-Cigs Improve Sex Life?

Sex is often linked to electronic cigarettes as people wonder whether the product can improve their sex life. When young, anyone can smoke and drink and still have an active sex life but as years pass on by, long term smokers become inactive and it is also believed that cigarette smoking can cause impotency as well.

10.1 Can Electronic Cigarettes Improve Your Sex Life?

Since electronic cigarettes are a substitute for regular cigarettes, people often link sex with them. According to Professor Louise Van Der Velde, commonly known as Love Doctor GMTV, in Smoking, Sex and Electronic Cigarette, “Instantly, after just one cigarette, the body’s ability to function decreases, which means erections, can be a problem. It also affects libido and general desire, as smoking massively affects the hormonal balance, and testosterone levels are responsible for libido”.

Van Der Velde is not the only one who sides with the belief that electronic cigarettes can help improve sex drive as Dr Murray Laugesson, an avid supporter of electronic cigarettes, assures that smoking can lead to impotency, saying “Smoking long term damages the blood vessels and moderate arterial insufficiency is a precondition for most impotence”. Additionally, on the topic of whether electronic cigarettes can improve sex life, Dr Laugesson says, “With respect to e-cigarettes, the nicotine dose per puff is only about 10 percent that of a puff from a regular tobacco cigarette and so, e-cigarettes alone are unlikely to cause impotence”.

Dr Louise Van Der Velde’s claim has been backed by various surveys and studies, including Addiction Behavior, a study that has been referenced in VHI Healthcare. According to the study, smoking has an impact on sex not just in the long term but also the short term. For the study, 42 participants were taken and were linked to penile sensors. Few of them were given sweets to eat whereas others were given high level nicotine cigarettes. The study concluded that two cigarettes, high in nicotine, can reduce penile erection.

Another survey published at also supports the same claim. The survey reveals that 57.1 percent of the people surveyed said yes, when asked whether electronic cigarettes improved their sex life, while only 8.6 percent said no and the remaining agreed that sex is perfect and one cannot improve perfection. According to one of the respondent, “If I had a sex life, I know it would improve, simply because I can breathe now and don’t feel like crap or cough all the time. While smoking, sex was as embarrassing as running up a flight of stairs next to a non-smoker and not being able to catch my breath. Now I could be much more active in bed and not stink like an ashtray either!”

In 2009, UKMedix posted a survey that electronic cigarettes manufacturers conducted to find out the effect of smoking electronic cigarettes on both, men and women. The figures obtained showed clearly that when users make a switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, their sex life improves. According to the survey, 60 percent of the respondents said that there was a significant improvement in their sex lives whereas 12 percent responded by saying that their sex lives had no issues and therefore, could not be improve.

There are countless studies that have concluded that regular smoking can lead to impotency especially in the long run and rates of impotence are nearly 50 percent higher amongst smokers who fall in the 30-40 years age bracket.


10.2. Smoking And Impotency

Many people don’t understand how regular cigarettes can lead to impotency in the long run. Smoking has adverse affects on a human body and some of those affects also have an impact on the impotency of smokers. According to the British Medical Association, cigarette packets should create awareness about the matter by dictating it on the pack. The British Medical Association believes that ‘risk of heart disease’ should be replaced by ‘impotence’. Smoking is responsible for causing impotence in 120,000 men in the United Kingdom between the ages of 30-49. Health Minister of Tessa Jowell, as quoted by BBC, said that she will press on European health ministers for clear labeling on cigarette packs. According to Jowell, “It is important to communicate to the public the range of conditions that smoking causes, and most people don’t know that smoking can cause impotence”.

Jowell’s and British Medical Association’s call was backed by the Impotence Association and Action on Smoking and Health. While speaking to BBC, M.D of the Impotence Association, Ann Craig said, “What we want is for girls to look at young men and think: He smokes- he’s going to be impotent- I’m not interested”. Adding further, Ann said, “This would be especially effective for the under 40s. Certainly if I tell younger men that they could become impotent, and it could happen next year, then they listen, and they stop.”

The link between smoking and impotency was backed by a MORI poll that was conducted for the Action on Smoking and Health Association, which revealed that 88 percent of the smokers don’t even know that smoking can cause impotency. British Media Association’s tobacco advisor, Dr. Bill O Neill said that the chances of getting cancer of heart disease in three decades were not as strong as the possibility of impotence in just 10 years. Dr Bill also said, Young men are notoriously resistant to health warnings and think they will have given up smoking long before cancer or heart disease catches up with them but the prospect that they might wreck their sex lives just might make them stop and think.”

The claim that cigarette smoking can cause impotency is well established and there are thousands of studies that have supported this claim with full proof while all doctors and medical experts also agree.

10.3. How Do Electronic Cigarettes Actually Improve Sex Life?

It has already been established that regular smoking can cause impotency while electronic cigarettes can improve one’s sex life but how does it actually happen?

Electronic cigarettes are an absolute cigarette replacement. They are absent in tar and tobacco, which have harmful effects on one’s health. Since electronic cigarettes are relatively 0 percent as harmful as regular cigarettes, they completely abolish the negative effects of smoking regular cigarettes.

Here is how electronic cigarettes bring an improvement in sex life:

Improved Stamina

One of the biggest reasons why regular smokers are not able to do very well sexually is because they don’t have the stamina to go on for long hours daily. Having sex requires a lot of stamina but with regular cigarettes, the stamina is lost. A person quickly becomes short of breath and is unable to fulfill his and his partner’s desires. When a person switches from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, his stamina automatically improves as he no longer inhales tar and other harmful toxins found in regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes bring a HUGE improvement in one’s stamina and breathing capacity which automatically leads to improved sex as you will no longer be short of breath after having sex.

Higher Energy Level

Naturally, due to improved stamina, there will be a subsequent rise in your energy level. Higher energy will automatically translate into more freshness. As you pick up electronic cigarettes and replace them with regular smokes, you will feel fresher and with a surge in your energy levels, you will have a very active sex life. With elevated energy levels, you will want to have sex to gain pleasure instead of doing it as a chore.

Improved State of Consciousness

Smokers will agree with the statement “smoking diverts their attention from the present and redirects their thoughts to the present and future more often”. Once a smoker lights up a cigarette, he feel relieved and forgets the surrounding happenings. He becomes less attentive and is generally not present. However, replacing electronic cigarettes with regular cigarettes will improve your state of consciousness as you will not get that “high” and you will still be aware of your surroundings while smoking electronically. With improved state of consciousness, one can naturally expect a drastic improvement in their sex life. Once you become more present, you will focus on sex and attentive sex is always more pleasurable. With the help of electronic cigarettes, users will become more active and will take more pleasure in their sex as the will pay their full attention towards it. Smokers will also no longer require taking breaks during sex as they will not feel the urge to take breaks for smoking and to sit back and relax.

In addition to these factors, electronic cigarettes will also remove the entire stink in your breath due to cigarette smoke and that will draw your partner towards you more. Unlike regular cigarettes, the vapor inhaled and exhaled with electronic cigarettes is odorless and tasteless. With your partner more aroused, you will automatically be drawn to have the best sex to give your better half intense pleasure.


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