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Disposable E Cigarette & Which Ones I Like Best

disposable-e-cigsDisposable e cigarettes are becoming more popular because they are easy to get at more typical stores and cheaper.

They do server a purpose, but if you are looking to keep using e cigs, then you will want to look into getting a starter kit if money is your deciding factor.

Here is a quick bullet list of starter kits to check out if you want to just dive in because sometimes disposables are not the same caliber as the reg e cigs:

Which Is The Best?

  • As far as the best is concerned the V2 and the Bullsmoke are really good. Again I think the disposables are great for just getting and idea of flavor so you can spend more on the full starter kits.

With that said disposables are a great way to try out a brand to get an idea if you will like the flavor, the vape, and the overall quality. What I love you might hate, or what I think is a strong taste you might think it is mild. Just like regular cigarettes. I could never buy a pack of Marlboro reds.. they were just too strong, so same with E cigs…

Cost Of Disposable E-Cig

  • Prices vary so much with these. You can expect to spend anywhere from $5 & up… You will find some very cheap in gas stations, but most are about $5 online.
  • This is why I recommend trying out some disposable electronic cigarettes first. I am sure you have seen tons of videos and other reviews etc…, but you have to try them out for yourself!  Some brands are going to let you buy 1 disposable and others are going to sell you them in packs of anywhere from 5 – 10 so you can get a real idea of how they are. Choosing them is up to you, but before you spend $100 + on starter kits why not try out some disposables and see what you like.

Here are links to the brands we have tried…
Click The Name To Check Them Out

V2 Cigs Disposable E Cigs

Green Smoke Disposable E Cigs

BullSmoke Disposable E Cigs

Blu Cig Disposable E Cigs

Njoy Disposable E-Cigs


Here are some Disposable Electronic Cigarette Reviews we have put together. Again these are just overviews to give you an idea of them. In the end your preference is going to be what dictates what brand you choose.

My Bullsmoke Buckshot Disposable E Cig Review

NEWhere Disposable E Cigs

Logic Platinum Menthol Disposable

Logic Hookah Disposable

Njoy Disposables

5 / 5 stars     

2 Responses to “Disposable E Cigarette & Which Ones I Like Best”

  1. Avatar sue says:

    I bought one of ur disposable ne where exits it lasted 5 – 6 puffs
    very disappointed.

  2. Avatar Cathy says:

    I have been using the disposable ones for about 5 weeks, they work good but the last one I bought I only had 6 to 7 puffs- not the 300 I was promised. Can’t take them back to the store either. How do I get a refund ?

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