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Cleaning Juul and other Pod Systems – A comprehensive guide

One of the recent and biggest innovations in the electronic cigarette industry is the pod systems. These new kinds of electronic cigarettes make use of nicotine salts which are twice as strong than your typical e-liquid.

One of the most popular pod-system that has taken the e-cig industry by storm is Juul. This e-cig has become so popular that nearly half the population that were using box mods previously have shifted to Juul and other pod systems simply because of how they deliver a powerful punch of nicotine in a single session.

But just like any other e-cig, pod systems like Juul also need to be regularly maintained in order to keep them fully functioning. Unlike box mods, vape pens, and other vaporizers, pod systems need to be cleaned very differently.

If you’re new to pod systems and have no idea how to clean it, this guide may be useful for you.

Why should you clean pod systems?

Although very different from box mods and vape pens, pod systems still rely on e-liquid inside a pod to deliver you the flavor and nicotine. Since Juul can use pods from third-party vendors, sometimes these pods can leave behind e-liquid on your battery. This is the primary reason why a pod system requires cleaning from time to time.

The two main methods of cleaning pod systems

Pod systems can either be dry cleaned or with rubbing alcohol. The method that works best depends on the situation of your pod system. If your pod system is new, then you probably won’t need to use rubbing alcohol to clean it. But if it has been with you for months and you haven’t cleaned it once, then cleaning alcohol is the best way to ensure it stays in perfect health.

Here’s how to clean the pod system using both methods.

Dry cleaning pod system

Dry cleaning a pod system is very easy and an effective way to keep your device cleaned. Cleaning also increases the overall life of your device so make sure you clean it at least once a month.

Just make sure not to introduce any kind of liquid such as alcohol to clean the device if you are going with dry cleaning. Here are the simple steps to dry clean your Juul or other pod systems.

1 – make sure you remove any pod installed on the system and take out the buildup you find beneath the pod slot using a pin or anything thin and sturdy. You can use toothpicks, blunt needles, or tweezers for this job.

2 – If you see any leaked e-liquid around the pod slot, make sure to clean it using Q-tip or paper towel. Make sure the battery part is upside down. Clean thoroughly so no liquid is visible. Make sure to clean the pins where the pod is installed thoroughly. Once you are done, you can reinstall the pod and enjoy vaping once again.

Cleaning pod systems with rubbing alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol to clean your device is only recommended if it hasn’t been cleaned in a long while. You can also choose to clean the pod system with alcohol if the dry cleaning method didn’t work for you. Here are the basic steps to clean the pod system using rubbing alcohol.

1 – Just like the dry cleaning method, make sure to remove the pod before cleaning around the pod slot. But this time, use a Q-tip with slight rubbing alcohol on it. The alcohol acts as a breaking agent that will tear apart any gunk collected around the slot of the device.

2 – Now use another clean Q-tip with rubbing alcohol on it to clean the connection pins. This time you will need to compress the springs with gentle force to make sure that nothing stays there. Don’t push down on the pins no matter what. If you put too much pressure on the pins, your device may be permanently damaged.

Cleaning the charging port of your pod system

Charging port of the pod systems also need to be occasionally cleaned. You can use both the methods depending on the situation of the charging port. If you are living in an area where dust is common, then you are likely going to need alcohol to clean the ports. Excessive dust can accumulate around the charging pins that can prevent the device from being charged.

Charging port cleaning is quite simple. You do not have to worry about excessive pressure or any other problems. Just stick a Q-Tip in there and clean the charging pins with a smooth in and out motion. This will leave your charging port completely clean and free of dust.

Maintaining your Juul device or any other pod system is very important because if you’re not careful, you may end up buying a new device which could mean spending a fortune.

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