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Cheapest Electronic Cigarette

I get asked a lot about what is the cheapest electronic cigarette on the market.

Before I answer that, let me explain something.

There is a difference between cheap and CRAP!! You can buy a lot of CHEAP CRAP e cigs out there for sure, but when I hear people ask for a cheap solution I want to give them quality, but at a cheap price.

First I always point people to our disposable e cig reviews page… this is the best way to spend the least money and find a brand that you like. I always say my favorite e-cig might be your least favorite so it is worth grabbing a few disposables to try.


bsmokeBull Smoke!! Listen I will let you in on a little secret. Many e cig companies out there are using the same e cig. A basic 2 piece design with their own packaging and logos etc…. Each one has their own little variation, but for the most part they are the same.

In the end a brand that is spending a lot in advertising is going to charge more because you are paying for that brand name just like Coca Cola or Pepsi.

Now… guys at Bull Smoke do not be offended. I feel that you have the best quality e cig at the cheapest price.  You can read the full Bull Smoke review here, but to put it plainly you can get a Bull Smoke Starter kit for $29.95 or try the Buck Smoke disposable for only $5

I love their branding efforts, but they are also the right size company that brings you quality at the fairest price around, and they are great.  In our review I gave then 4.5 stars!

So if you are looking for a cheap e cig with great quality then BullSmoke is worth a shot. I know you will find ecigs cheaper if you search, but always do some research and make sure the company has been around for awhile and they did not just buy some cheap wholesale tasteless crap that they are now passing on to you at some super low price.

Hey if you want to grab the Bull Smoke starter kit then click the link below and use our code “NOBULL” for a special discount!



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  1. Avatar Joe says:

    Bull smoke is cheap and great! I think they have the fullest tobacco flavor around. If you are looking for a first time kit this is the one.

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