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How is Mouth To Lung different from Direct to lung vaping

If you’re a little familiar with vaping, you may have heard about the terms mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping. The difference between Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL) inhaling may be hard for you to imagine if you aren’t a vapor yourself. But if you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, […]


How Vape Mods are different from Pod Mods

When e-cigarettes became popular, it was all about sub-ohm vaping and thick clouds. In 2019, things are different. These days, a new variety of electronic cigarettes known as Pod Mods have become the talk of the industry. Even though Pod Mods are very popular these days, there are still some people, including seasoned vapors, who […]


Here’s how you can prevent your vape mod from e-liquid spitting

We’re all familiar with vape spit back. It is one of the most common problems that befall on vape modes. E-liquid spit-back can happen without warning and it doesn’t really matter how reputable of a mod you have on your hands. Spitting e-liquid is potentially dangerous and harmful to your vape mod. This is why […]


Here are some useful tips to open a stuck vape tank

Electronic cigarettes are great until you realize that they require consistent maintenance. As you vape and add e-liquid regularly, the tank part of your box mod suffers from residue left by e-liquid. This causes a variety of problems in the tank, specifically a leaky tank, overheating tank, burnt taste, and of course, a jammed tank. […]