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Bullsmoke Buckshot Disposable E Cig

buy buckshot e cigFirst off taste and product aside, I love Bull Smokes branding! I love the name Buckshot and their other products you can read about in my Bull Smoke Review.

What I really love about the Buckshot is you can get it for $5! They really give you a great opportunity to try out the product. The other brands I have tried so far only have 5 packs or 6 packs or more which is nice, but if you just want to try something then it can be hard to dish out $50 vs $5 to test it out.

They say the buckshot will give you about 450 puffs which is equivalent to about 2 packs of regular cigs. To be honest I was keeping track and stopped at about 260ish… I would say the 450 puffs is true to its word since it felt like I was getting puffs forever out of this thing.  I only bought the disposable to test out since I had purchased the city slicker kit awhile back which I am very fond of. You really cannot beat Bull Smoke for its price and quality.

I would say this produces a great vapor. They say they have a better battery then most cheap disposables and I believe it. It is right on par with the reg e cig they have.

All in all if you have never tried and ecig and were looking to give one a shot and were nervous about spending money then give the Buckshot a try. Its only $5!!!


4.5 / 5 stars     

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