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Bull Smoke Review

Bull Smoke Coupon Code – Click Here – Use Code – nobull

UPDATE 12/4/2013- This why I love Bull Smoke as my favorite “cheap e cig“. They are always changing and creating ultimate value! They decided to get rid if the City Slicker kit and offer the Ranch Hand at a HUGE discount $29.95 with customizable cartridges. They are also offering upgraded battery designs so you can stand out in the crowd. Lowering price and adding value is what a great company is all about!


After purchasing and trying the Bull Smoke electronic cigarette, I have to say that it is one of the most realistic models I have encountered so far. There are a lot of different electronic cigarettes on the market, but this one seems to be closer to the real thing than anything else at all.

With its authentic and realistic weight, color, and overall design, it definitely looks and feels like you are smoking a real cigarette. Upon carefully examining it, there is really nothing that makes it look or feel fake. Even the weight of the cigarette is fairly close to that of a real cigarette.

This electronic cigarette from Bull Smoke definitely has a unique design that is great for feeling like you are smoking the real thing. One of the things I enjoy most about this particular cigarette is the fact that I can choose from numerous flavors, so I am definitely not limited in all of the different tastes I can experience while smoking. Another good thing about this electronic cigarette is that there are multiple nicotine levels available for especially discerning smokers that want to be able to control how much nicotine goes into their system.


Look at all these flavors from Bull Smoke!!

Trying to Quit?

If you are in the process of trying to quit smoking altogether, this can really be a helpful tool. With this cigarette you will be able to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine that is put into your body on a regular basis, so you don’t have to go “cold turkey” and suffer all of the frustrating withdrawal symptoms which are associated with doing so. Those smokers who just want more of a choice in the nicotine they take in and the flavors they can choose from will want to think about getting this as well.

Bull Smoke 2 Piece

Bull Smoke 2 Piece Design & LED Tip

Something else that makes this electronic cigarette particularly realistic is the LED light on the end of it, meant to make it look like the end of a real cigarette. Instead of glowing up brightly like some other electronic cigarettes do, this one is very faint and is barely noticeable.

Whenever I go out in public, nobody gives me strange looks because it appears as though I am smoking a regular cigarette. I like the fact that it blends in and makes it much easier for me to smoke in crowds. It is definitely able to satisfy my nicotine cravings while also providing the kind of look and feel I have been searching for in an electronic cigarette.

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The Starter Kit Price Is So Low You Don’t Need A Coupon!

Easy To Swap Cartridges

  • Replacing the cartridges for different flavors is extremely easy and each of them looks like the regular filters you see in traditional cigarettes, so there is virtually no difference there. You will find that these cartridges are fairly cheap, last a long time, and are extremely simple to install. When you are ready to put a new one in, all you have to do is simply disassemble the mouthpiece, slide it in place properly, and put the mouthpiece back on. At first I was surprised just how simple it really is every single time.

Even the texture of the Bull Smoke electronic cigarette offers a realistic feel that I found to be absolutely amazing. When I am smoking with friends, they can’t even tell the difference. When you examine this electronic cigarette up close, it is astounding just how close to the real thing it actually is. The overall design of this cigarette is made to be close to that of a real cigarette, providing smokers with the camouflage they need when in social situations. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to quit smoking or just wants more options.

Great Price & a Great Guarantee!


Even a Guarentee! I love these guys!

I love Bull Smoke because it is not a super huge brand name, but the quality is excellent and the price is the best out there in my opinion. The other thing I always look for is a guarantee! The guys at Bull Smoke offer a Certified Lifetime Warranty on all charging devices and a FULL 1 year warranty on batteries. I have had no issues with mine, but I know the guys and they are great. If you have an issue just call them and they will take care of you! Tell them Roger said wassup!!




Looking For The Best Deal or Coupons For Bull Smoke?
CLICK HERE…Use Code – nobull

The Starter Kit Price Is So Low You Don’t Need A Coupon!

4.5 / 5 stars     

18 Responses to “Bull Smoke Review”

  1. Avatar Jake says:

    Hey thanks for this review of bull smoke. I have been buying some crappy disposables at my local gas station to try ecigs out. I keep coming back to bull smoke because they seem like the best big for the buck. How long does a typical cartridge last? These are better then had station ones right? If imagine so. Thanks

    • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

      Jake… what is up man?? Bull Smoke is one of the top ranked brands and is far superior than most products you’ll see at a gas station. The age old question of “how long will a cartridge last” really depends on everyone’s smoking habits, but from personal experience they last as long (or longer) than any other e-cig brand in the industry. I don’t hesitate to recommend Bull Smoke to anyone -they are a world class brand with excellent customer service.

      • Avatar Phil-LIP says:

        Yeah Roger is right these are nowhere near the junky gas station ones. I travel a lot so I will grab them from the gas stations or liquor stores once in awhile when I forget mine. Basically they don’t taste anywhere near as good as bullsmoke and you can feel they are made cheaply. I have smoked them all, V2, Green, blu etc… and bsmoke is right up there with all of them, but the price point is spot on.

        • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

          Hey Phil thanks for the comparison. Like you said you cannot beat Bull Smokes price point. They actually just lowered the starter kit to $29!! That is nuts!

  2. Avatar Claire says:

    Roger did you say the starter kit is $29?? Is that with some sort of bull smoke coupon code or promotional offer? I want to get started with e cigs, but have not found the right kit since most I have seen out there are $60 +++
    What does the bull smoke starter kit actually come with though? Is it some cheesy package where you need to buy $50 of other things? Thanks and great review… I am ready to pull the trigger!

    • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

      Hey Claire yeah that is pretty nuts with the starter kit price. Ya know I think it was $39 a few weeks ago and that is a great price to be honest because it used to be like $75 so at $29 that is nuts. And, no it is not a cheesy package. I am pulling this right from the site so…
      The Ranch Hand Kit contains everything you need to start vaping.

      10 Atomized Cartridges
      The Stubby Battery
      The Kentucky Battery
      CE Certified Wall Adaptor
      Detailed Owners Manual
      USB Express Charger

      Pretty sick if you ask me.. Go here to check it out

      • Avatar Claire says:

        Hey thanks! I went ahead and grabbed the ranch kit, but I also grabbed a 5 pack of the menthol breeze. I am a menthol girl. I will let you know what I think in a few weeks. Thanks again!

        • Avatar Claire says:

          Hey Roger kept meaning to come back and let you know what I thought of BullSmoke. The ranch kit has been great. I love the menthol!! From a smoking stand point this is really my first experience and I am enjoying it, so I do not have much to compare to other brands. As far as the physical ecig I find it pretty durable, the battery has not failed me yet, and people ask me about them all the time. It is pretty amazing how many people have never seen an e-cig! Anyways I am happy with the bull smoke and the price is right, so I will stick with them for now.

          • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

            Right on Claire! Yeah you cannot beat the price point! That is why I really recommend any beginners to give Bull Smoke a chance first. I know what you mean about people asking. I get comments all the time… sometimes I will even let people a puff if they don’t look to.. ummm… well… skeevey lol!

  3. Avatar Bill says:

    What about blue cigs I see them everywhere with that Steven dorf guy. How does this compare? I have tried V2 before but they were a bit pricey. Thanks

    • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

      Hey Bill yea like I said in the post Bull Smoke is not a huge name so they keep the cost down where as the bigger names are spending I would say millions on advertising. I have been seeing Blu Cigs everywhere as well. Regardless in the end you have to try out the brands and see what you like. From my experience the bull smoke were stronger for me vs the blu smoke, but I tried blu smoke over a year ago, so they could have changed. I will have to go out and grab a starter kit to do a review. We are trying to get up as many reviews as possible. It is all your preference in the end. I know you might end up spending a few dollars to find the brand and flavor you like, but in end you will be happy with your particular brand, plus once you find what you like you can sometimes buy in bulk and get special deals as a customer to save money in the end. Remember when you do find a brand you like, call up customer service and see what they can do for you if you buy in bulk. They want to keep your business so give it a shot!

    • Avatar Travis says:

      Hey guys I just ordered two ranch kits today one for the wife abd one for me. Hopfully it helps me quit.

      • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

        Hey Travis it will help, but remember at the end of the day it is just another tool! You gotta want it man! Good luck to you and keep us posted.

  4. Avatar shelly says:

    I just ordered bull smoke for 19.99….huge sale only today. I ordered two of there kits…hope its as good as everyone says.

  5. Avatar DarthVapor says:

    Hey Roger thanks for the review. I tried Bullsmoke about a year ago and they were OK, but I see they changed the cartomizer as well as added some new flavors. The price point is really what brings me back to them. I ordered the city slicker and used your nobull coupon code. Thanks man! I will drop a note in a few weeks to let you know what I think this time around.

    • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

      Hahahahha DarthVapor… I love the name! Yeah you are right about Bullsmoke and I like that about them. When a company will take feedback on their product and make it better then that is a company I like to spend my money with. Keep us posted…

  6. Avatar Janis says:

    Roger, after MUCH price-shopping and reading reviews of other brands, I just ordered Bull Smoke and am so excited to finally start on e-cigs. I smoke a lot, 1+pack/day and hoping to realize some $$ savings. Plus I just think they’re cool. Even though I smoke menthol lights, these cigs HAVE to be a little healthier w/o all those other chemicals and poisons. I will post my review next week. THANKS for all the info!!!!

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