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Blu Cigs Review

I am usually hesitant to go after a big name brand, but after getting countless emails and seeing them pretty much everywhere, even when I am taking a dump reading my magazines lol, it would seem Blu Cigs is everywhere!!

Let us take a step back and understand a bit about Blu Cigs. They are owned by the company Lorillard which is a huge tobacco company that makes Newport and Maverick cigarettes just to name a few. The company bought Blu Cigs for $135million a little over a year ago!

So big tobacco getting into the E-cig game and why not. The question is will the big companies keep the Blu Cig product quality the same since that is what made it such a good product in the first place.

OK enough talk about the company, I just wanted to give some background info on why you see them advertised all over the place versus some of the other products we have reviewed here.

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My Review of Blu Cigs

  • First off the quality is top notch for sure and the carry case it comes with is pretty awesome! I know it has nothing to do with the taste of the e cig, but the cigarette packed shaped case is just nostalgic back to my old days of smoking real cigarettes.
  • So you can take it with you and keep your flavor cartridges in there and charge the battery. What I really like is that when you screw in the battery the light goes on and then it will go off when it is charged, so you don’t even have to think about it.


  • As you know I am a big menthol fan, and the Blu Cig menthol is pretty darn tasty. You get a nice sound when you take a puff as well and of course you get a nice blu led at the tip 😉
  • They do offer the following flavors, classic tobacco, magnificent menthol <<< “MMmmm”, java jolt, cherry crush, vivid vanilla, pina colada, and peach scnhapps.  A little something for everyone, but I am not sure I would give the pina colada one a chance lol

Blu Cigs Battery Life

  • I do like the light weight of the battery, but I also think it takes its toll on the battery life. I see to get more battery life out of V2 or Greensmoke, but…. I like having the carrying case since it just fills like an old pack of cigs. Call me crazy, but there is just something about have that pack of smokes back in my pocket.

Comparison To Other Brands

  • I hate being such a sell out sometimes, but I always go back to what I like you might hate and I think that is important for you to understand. I like Blu Cigs, they have a nice thick vapor, the taste is great and compared to the other products we have reviewed on the site they are right on par with the top ones like Greensmoke & V2. I would  have to say that V2 gives a thicker vape for sure and greensmoke comes close.
  • I actually want to make a video showing the vapor from all the ones we have reviewed here, so bare with me while I put that together.

Price Point & Accessibility

This is what I think sets Blu Cigs apart from everyone else. They are a bit pricier then some of the other brands, but not by much about $10-20 depending on what you want.

The big thing is accesibilty… you can pretty much go to any gas station, walmart, walgreens, etc and find Blu Cigs and to me that is pretty cool.  There have been times I have not paid attention and ran out of cartridges and then you are screwed. You now have to re-0rder online and wait.

That is all a preference thing, but it is cool to be able to run out to store and grab a new pack 😉

Price wise you are looking at about $69 – $89+ for a starter kit. I also like the fact that they have a lot of replacements you can buy separately. Some brands don’t offer this and it can get expensive having to grab new start kits.

Celebrities & Blu Cigs

I talked about the branding earlier, but you might be noticing tv commercials, magazine ads, and more with celebs endorsing Blu-Cigs.

stephen-dorff-blu-cigsFor awhile now Stephen Dorff has been a big fan and promoter. God only knows what they are paying these celebs, but hey it is prob the easiest pay day they ever had. We all know Stephen Dorf could use one… Just busting you Stephen… I love the movie the Power of One. Didn’t even realize it was you till years down the road!

See what Stephen has to say about Blu Cigs – Click Here!





jenny-mccarthy-e-cigAnother celeb to recently give the thumbs up to Blu Cigs is Jenny McCarthy?? I have always loved her… Mmmmmmmm

I am curious to see how long she will be a spokesperson for them. I only say that because I know she is heavily involved with autism awareness and it just seems like nicotine and that would not mix, but who knows!

Check out the new Blu Cigs video with Jenny McCarthy below.

Well that is it for me… If you have tried Blu Cigs before then leave a comment below. I would love to hear some feedback. I know they get a bad wrap lately because BIG tobacco bought them out, but I enjoyed giving then a shot and will def add them to my arsenal. Its this dang charging pack! I love it!

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4.5 / 5 stars     

6 Responses to “Blu Cigs Review”

  1. Avatar Thomas says:

    Hey nice review of Blu. I have been using them since before they were bought out and it seems that buy out has made them better and like you said more accessible. It was cool in the beginner because people always asked you… what is that? Now people are seeing the Blu Cig brand more often so that has died down. The charging carrying case is key and I have yet to see another that compares to it. This is my main daily ecig, but I do sometimes turn to Halo and I have a V2 kit as well. Have you gotten into mods yet?

    • Roger Taht Roger Taht says:

      Thanks Thomas,yeah I am loving this charging pack!! Cool you like Halo that is my next product I am going to review. They have them at the local liquor store and I am going to pick up some. I have not got into the mods. I was actually on over hat and wow… information overload, but I know there are a lot of modders over there so check them out if you want to know more.

  2. Avatar Jeremiah Cox says:

    I just bought the starter pack and acter three days my charger went what do I do about that if don’t send me a new starter kit I will tell everyone I know you are a bad company to do business with my name is Jeremiah and my email address is please send me a response my number is 2192108531

  3. Avatar tiafashionista says:

    hey guys, i just bought my second menthol blu single and was hooked from the first puff! i wasn’t a smoker, but always liked the look and then i saw jenny McCarthy and tons of celebs smoking e cigs and blu just looked so cool i had to try them so i bought my first one on a total whim at the gas station. it stayed by my side or in my hand for 4 solid days! when it wasn’t in my hand i was constantly checking my purse to make sure i knew where it was –because i couldn’t stand the thought of not having it when i wanted one. they are awesome first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee. u can only imagine how totally bummed i was when i went to take a drag one day and nothing happened. Major Problem, people! i bought another single within an hour, but i saw that they have the rechargeable packs and that looked like a much better option, so im going to have to go that route next.

    btw how are the coffee falvored blus?

  4. Avatar Kady Boner says:

    I like the Blu e-cigs. BUT – recently I had been having trouble finding refill catridges at my local store so I went online and ordered from the company site. I received the ‘old type’ catridges that run the battery down within 15 mintues and is extremely hard to get a good pull. They did screw onto the battery but did not quite fit as these were shorter and thinner than the newer ones. I contacted the company and complained, but was told NO REFUND even though I only wanted to return the 4 packs I had not opened. I ordered by picture so I know I ordered correctly; they just are trying to get rid of the older catridges that work well in any way.

  5. Avatar Tamikia C Burruss says:

    this product and company is a waste of money, I purchased a blue plus kit and both batteries were defected,and they refused me a replacement or refund because my purchase was made at a gas station and not online,they claim the warranty only cover products purchased online,like what

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