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Blu Cig Disposable E-Cig

blu-cigs-menthol-disposableWell this is part of the bounty of e cigs I picked up at the Exxon station last week. Still trying to get all the reviews up. Here is my review of the Blu Cig Magnificent Menthol disposable.

This is for the one piece disposable so if you want  check out the full Blu Cigs review we posted awhile back.

As far as look, feel, packing, branding etc… this def gets an A+ When it comes to the menthol flavor I gotta say I give it  a C. It just didn’t fulfill my menthol taste.  I would say the V2 Cigs & Green Smoke have a much more flavorful menthol.

As far as some specs go… you are looking at about 400 puffs per disposable and 24mg of nicotine.  It produces a nice full vapor and has a nice hit.

I would say for the $9 I paid for it, it works well and is perfect for grabbing on the go and getting you through a night.

Here is My Video Review of Magnificent Menthol by Blu Cigs


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5 Responses to “Blu Cig Disposable E-Cig”

  1. Avatar Fred Barnard says:

    Does not even last two hours. A pack lasts longer.

  2. Avatar Sandranyc says:

    To be honest you are bein way to nice. This e-cig has ZERO menthol.. I am so dissapointed. They shouldn’t lie to customers.

    • Avatar Kiki says:

      I agree doesn’t taste like anything was disappointed so I went and got vuse menthol again an epic fail…I wonder if the regular taste better can’t be know worst… lol

  3. Avatar TW says:

    Picked one up on vacation. it looks like a nice, high quality disposable but I was totally disappointed when I started vaping it. there is almost no flavor, and It does not feel like 2.4% nicotine like it says it is. all my other 2.4 flavors from other websites hit twice as hard.

  4. Avatar Kathy Baker says:

    It helped me get by I like it

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