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Hey there you can read more about me here You really don't want to know about me, you are here about e cigs so feel free to click around. I am an avid user of e cigs and decided to build a site to help others see if they are right for them. We only review products we have tried here. Any questions just ask!

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Welcome To E Cigarette Now


Which E-Cig Is Right For You?


First off, thanks for stopping by! The truth is that just like anything else in the world everybody has different tastes. The reviews on this site are from us. You may love one e cig over another and that is fine. The real truth is you will never know what you think until you try one. Just like real cigs you have to try different brands till you find what you like.

If you really want to learn about electronic cigarettes then click here and take some time to read over our in-depth guide… This literally took us weeks to put together.

Our goal at is to give you a nice overview of the different brands and tell you what we think. Any of the brands we review are quality, plain and simple. Sure some might look better or have some slight better quality, but at the end of the day the taste is all about what YOU like, not us. So read our reviews, gain some insight, but know that you will probably have to try a handful before you really find out which one you like.

That is why I like to say check out some Disposable E Cigarettes before you go out and buy a full starter kit. You can give it a try for cheap and see if it really is for you.

If you are one of the many smokers who is considering exchanging tobacco smoking for a vapour smoke then you may well feel overwhelmed when you see how many electronic cigarettes are on the market. Choosing an e-cig starter kit brand could be difficult if you don’t read any recommendations because the manufacturers all market their brand as `the best`. The web is full of electronic cigarette buying information so first of all it may pay to focus on what an e-cig is and how it works.

Parts of the Electronic Cigarette

  • The majority of electronic smokeless cigarettes have three main parts: the cartridge, the battery and the atomizer. (There are a few makes that have only two parts: the cartomizer and the battery). The cartridges are refillable and they hold the e-liquid aka the smoke juice. The Lithium ion battery that is housed in the cartridge gives power to the atomizer, as the e-cig heats up it begins to emit smoke and it looks like a real cigarette.

Sizes and What Not

  • There is plenty of information about buying electronic cigarettes and most of it is helpful. Smokers want to purchase an e-cig that looks authentic and stylish. The better the electronic cigarette looks the more the smoker is drawn to trying it. Lots of us like slim cigs but you have to bear in mind a slim line e-cig is going to have an ultra slim battery that may not last too long. If you are thinking about buying a slim line electronic cigarette then buy a starter kit that comes with two batteries so that you are using one battery as the other charges up.

All of us need to find an e-cig kit that is not going to cost us a small fortune so it may be worth considering buying the three piece electronic smokeless cigarettes as opposed to the two piece e-cigs. The cartridges in the three piece e-cigs can be refilled time and time again which in itself is a way of saving money. Buy a two piece e-cigarette and you will need to replace the entire cartridge. You will need to purchase a new atomizer every few months to make sure that the three piece cigarette is releasing the right amount of vapour for maximum enjoyment.

Some Pros & Cons

  • If we are talking electronic cigarette buying information then let’s take an in depth look at a few pros and cons. Some newbies felt that the electronic e-cigs felt heavy to hold so you could do well to look for a lightweight version. Many stated that the starter kits offered good value for money and a lot of companies offered free shipping. The majority of users say that they need a kit that comes with two batteries, on to use and one to charge, although a percentage said they felt that they spent all of their time changing the batteries over.

Lots of e-cigarette smokers say that they buy their kits online rather than at the stores. It seems that you have to experiment with the nicotine strength until you find a strength that suits you. If all goes well you may decide to remove the nicotine element altogether. Plenty of electronic cigarette smokers think that the packet and the e-cig have been designed really well and many state that the e-cigs taste better than normal cigarettes. It appears that the vapor is smooth and pleasant and it provides a satisfying smoke.

What about Flavors?

  • The e-cig offers its users plenty of flavor; flavors include vanilla, regular, java, menthol, Pina colada and cherry. Flavor is a big issue and some smokers have raised concerns about the e-cigs that contain propylene glycol, many felt that their chest felt tight after inhaling vapors that contained this chemical. A number of e-cig smokers have said that their cig emits a sound as and when you inhale and a lot of people felt that they would prefer an e-cig without sound.

Naturally you can smoke the e-cigarette indoors without it having any ill-effect so that is a plus point and heaps of users have said that they have saved a lot of money by smoking electronic cigarettes. Finding a vapor that suits is fairly easy and it is important to choose a vapor that doesn’t irritate your throat.

When you look at electronic cigarette buying information you need to read it carefully before making your first purchase. Traditional cigs contain tar, tobacco and chemicals but e-cigs contain none of these. Smoking e-cigs saves you a lot of cash. The smoke and odor disappear very quickly unlike normal tobacco smoke. When you put an e-cig to your lips you are going through the same motions as you would when you smoke a normal cig and they satisfy the cravings. E-cigs contain no tobacco and you can `smoke` them anywhere! Smoke a normal cigarette and you have to dispose of the hot butt, smoke an e-cig and you don’t have this worry.

How is Mouth To Lung different from Direct to lung vaping

If you’re a little familiar with vaping, you may have heard about the terms mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping. The difference between Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL) inhaling may be hard for you to imagine if you aren’t a vapor yourself. But if you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, then you are already familiar with one of the inhaling techniques.

Smokers usually smoke with a technique known as mouth to lung inhaling. In other words, when you smoke a cigarette, you first inhale the smoke into your mouth and hold it for a second and then breathe it to your lungs. Direct to lung inhaling is a bit different. Instead of holding the vapor in your mouth, you breathe it directly to your lungs.

The ultimate goal of both MTL and DTL is to get vapor into your lungs. So why do seasoned vapors debate on it? Which method is better? Let’s have a look at each.

Mouth to Lung Vaping

Mouth to Lung vaping is popular amongst regular smokers because they are very familiar with the technique. With this method, you may also get better, or let’s say, intense throat hit. This is true especially if you are using an e-liquid that is higher in PG concentration.

The reason why Pod Mods are so popular amongst new vapors is that they are designed to give you Mouth to Lung vaping experience. As a smoker shifting to e-cigarettes, pod mods will likely satisfy you better with the experience.

Direct to Lung Vaping

Direct to lung vaping is when you bypass your mouth and directly breathe the vapor into your lungs. This method of vaping is actually more popular with seasoned vapors who customize their mods to provide high-end vaping.

With direct to lung vaping, you are able to produce a very thick and dense cloud as opposed to MTL vaping. Maybe this is why some vapors prefer this method. To get the best experience from direct to lung vaping, e-liquid with a high concentration of PG is recommended.

MTL vs. DTL – which is better?

Mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping methods provide different sensations. But it is all comes down to personal choice of the user. If you are someone new, there is a high chance that you are used to Mouth to lung vaping. This is especially true for new vapors shifting from smoking.

We also recommend sticking to mouth to lung vaping for beginners because it provides smoking like experience. Just make sure that the mod you are buying is capable of providing you with mouth to lung experience.

Many vape mods are incapable of providing a mouth to lung experience because they are not made for MTL vaping. If you prefer MTL, then start your vaping journey directly by getting your hands on a good pod mod.

If however, you are in for thick vapors, then you will probably want to find a device that provides directly to lung vaping. It is impossible to get thick and dense vapors from devices that provide mouth to lung experiences.

Direct to lung inhaling is recommended for people who regularly smoke shisha or hookahs. The direct to lung sensation of an electronic cigarette perfectly imitates shisha and hookahs, this is why many people who want to use vaporizers as alternatives to shisha smoking usually buy devices that provide direct to lung experience.

In the end, we’d say no method is better than the other. It is a personal choice and is best left for individuals to decide which is better for them.

How Vape Mods are different from Pod Mods

When e-cigarettes became popular, it was all about sub-ohm vaping and thick clouds. In 2019, things are different. These days, a new variety of electronic cigarettes known as Pod Mods have become the talk of the industry.

Even though Pod Mods are very popular these days, there are still some people, including seasoned vapors, who are unaware of the differences between Pod Mods and Vape Mods.

There is a traditional misconception that pod mods are not very different from vape mods. If you look closely, there are in fact quite a few distinctions between the two electronic cigarettes.

If you’ve been a firm believer of pod mods being the same as vape mods, things are going to change for you after reading this post. So sit down and read below and see for yourself how pod mods are completely different from vape mods.

Vape mods and pod mods use entirely different e-liquid

The first and biggest difference between the two mods is the e-liquid they use. In traditional vape mods, e-liquid made with PG and VG with nicotine are used. These e-liquids usually have low nicotine strength ranging from 3mg/ml to 24mg/ml.

E-liquid for pod mods, on the other hand, are made with nicotine salts. The nicotine salt in e-liquids has the highest concentration of nicotine. In other words, e-liquids for pod mods contain as much as 51mg/ml nicotine, almost double the amount of traditional e-liquid.

The e-liquid with nicotine salts can only be used on Pod mods. This is what makes the two mods so different from each other.

Now let’s see how e-liquid changes the experience of vaping.

One of the biggest differences between pod mods e-liquid and vape mod e-liquids is that they contain more nicotine than traditional vape juice. This also means that they are more suitable for regular smokers.

The high amount of nicotine in pod mod vape juice means that it is easy for a regular smoker to transition to electronic cigarettes. With nicotine as high as 51mg/ml, it is impossible to crave for a cigarette when you are vaping on a pod mod. Insufficient nicotine in e-cigs is something which has caused many new vapors to go back to traditional smoking.

Also, the fact that pod mods are slimmer in design, they are good imitations of the regular cigarette. They are lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket, just like traditional cigarettes.

Vape mods, on the other hand, are bulky, large, and heavy, which makes it harder for people to carry them around in their pockets. Also since pod mods use pods, there is little chance of e-liquid to spill in your pockets as opposed to carrying a vape mod with a tank fully filled with e-liquid juice.

Even with better design and nicotine delivery, vape mods are still very popular amongst seasoned vapors because they allow complete customization of the vaping experience. Pod mods cannot be customized the way a vape mod can be. This is the biggest drawback of the pod system that has led many vapors to stick to traditional vape mods.

For newcomers, however, pod mods are not only familiar and easy to use, but they also provide more nicotine per vape in order to keep the cravings of cigarettes in control.

Pod Mods and Vape Mods Price Difference

When it comes to affordability and accessibility, Pod Mods beat traditional vape mods. A good vape mod that can manage to produce a wattage output of around 200+ wattage easily costs beyond $100. Pod Mods, on the other hand, cost around $40 for the device.

As a beginner, you can find both pod and vape mods at around the starting price of $30. But a vape mod that is sold for $30 is unable to produce thick vapor and usually has many small problems with coils, airflow, circuitry, and others.

Pod mods that are sold at around $30 do not require complex parts for the basic operation which means that even at $30 you’ll get good performance out of it.

So if you’d ever want to stay in the budget and vape with confidence, pod mods are definitely a go. When you believe pod mods are not giving you enough vapor, or are lacking in experience, you can always shift to powerful vape mods and start customizing the experience the way you like it.

We however strongly recommend giving a shot to pod mods if you’re just starting out. If you are a regular smoker, a vape mod worth $30 is not going to satisfy your nicotine craving and you may end up vaping a lot. Pod mods, on the other hand, provide a high level of nicotine per pod. It is enough to satisfy the most addicted smokers.

In the end, it all comes down to personal choice. If you love vapor and different fruity flavors, then vape mods should be your ideal vaping device. If you’re in for the nicotine and want to quit smoking, then pod mods are excellent.

Here’s how you can prevent your vape mod from e-liquid spitting

We’re all familiar with vape spit back. It is one of the most common problems that befall on vape modes. E-liquid spit-back can happen without warning and it doesn’t really matter how reputable of a mod you have on your hands.

Spitting e-liquid is potentially dangerous and harmful to your vape mod. This is why it must be dealt with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of how to deal with common spit-back problems in vape mods.

You can usually remedy this problem by adjusting the airflow, minimizing the excess e-liquid on the coils, or by changing the coils completely. If you ignore spit-back and keep on vaping your device, it will not only damage your tank but will also cause problems in your mod circuitry.

Here are some of the easiest tips and tricks to deal with e-liquid spit back.

Quick and easy ways to stop Vape mod spit back

Spit backs are common and can usually be fixed immediately by using simple methods. So before you end up dismantling your tank and end up fiddling with its parts, it’s better to troubleshoot the problem using quick fixes. Sometimes the spit-back could simply be occurring because your air-vents are causing the juice to flood in your tank. By simply adjusting the air-flow, the problem is often fixed.

Some other quick fixes include using longer drip tips which are easily available for most tanks and mods. With thinner air-hole in a drip tip, spit-back rarely happens.

Here are some things to keep in mind when troubleshooting spit-back problems.

The coil could be the culprit

One of the most common causes of e-liquid spit back is due to over-flow of e-liquid on the coils. When you prime your coils, sometimes excess liquid can get in the coils, causing it to spit-back when you fire your mod.

To remedy this solution, always try to use limited e-liquid to prime your coils. Put small drops of e-liquid on the coil and wait for a few seconds for it to get absorbed. Don’t allow the coils to soak completely with e-juice.

If you’re using a tank with Clapton coils, you should be aware that these kind of coils are more prone to collecting excess e-liquid.

Adjusting the airflow of your tank

Sometimes e-liquid spit back happens because your air-flow is allowing juice to flood in the coils. This usually occurs when you are using e-liquid with more PG ratio than VG. Because PG is thinner in nature, it can easily drench your coils with the liquid which can produce spit-back upon firing the mod.

This can usually be amended by decreasing the air-flow of your tank which prevents the excess liquid from being collected on coils.

Spit-back due to environmental temperature

Did you know that temperature can cause your e-liquid to become thinner? When you expose your tank or mod to warm temperatures, your e-liquid becomes thinner and it starts to accumulate on the coils. When you finally fire the mod, it creates spit back.

Try to always keep your mod away from warm temperature or direct sunlight, especially when you are not using the mod for vaping. When traveling, keep the mod inside a bag so it is well away from direct sunlight and warm temperature.

Change your coil altogether

One of the quickest and most effective solutions to deal with annoying spit-back is by changing your coils altogether. If you are using a mod with pre-built coils, then it is highly likely that your coil is the culprit.

Pre-made coils are mass produced in factories in China and they are not individually checked for quality. You may end up with a bad coil and this may cause spit-back. Since pre-built coils are inexpensive, you should have a few spare coils lying around at all times. By changing the coil completely, you can easily remedy this annoying problem.

Adjust the wattage of your vape mod

As mentioned earlier, if the e-liquid has more PG ratio than VG, it may be thinner than usual and may flood your coils. Adjusting the wattage of your vape mod can usually fix this issue.

Try increasing the wattage of your mod gradually to see if it works for you. When you are running your coil on low wattage, it is unable to burn the liquid faster than the coil is absorbing it. This is what usually results in e-liquid spit-back.

And if your mod is unable to go beyond 50 watts and you are still experiencing spit-back, then you may just have to use another e-liquid with more VG ratio than PG.


Spitback is a very common issue faced by nearly every vapor out there. Don’t be discouraged if your mod and tank start to spit back. The above methods are a great way to get your mod back in shape.

Just keep in mind that all tanks and mods are not created equally. If your tank or coils spit-back frequently, and you are unable to find a fix, then you may just have to change the tank altogether.

There are many different tanks available that make use of different coils. Find the one that can be used with your mod and try giving it a shot. It may take a bit of experimentation, but this problem is usually very easy to fix when you learn the core issue.

Cleaning Juul and other Pod Systems – A comprehensive guide

One of the recent and biggest innovations in the electronic cigarette industry is the pod systems. These new kinds of electronic cigarettes make use of nicotine salts which are twice as strong than your typical e-liquid.

One of the most popular pod-system that has taken the e-cig industry by storm is Juul. This e-cig has become so popular that nearly half the population that were using box mods previously have shifted to Juul and other pod systems simply because of how they deliver a powerful punch of nicotine in a single session.

But just like any other e-cig, pod systems like Juul also need to be regularly maintained in order to keep them fully functioning. Unlike box mods, vape pens, and other vaporizers, pod systems need to be cleaned very differently.

If you’re new to pod systems and have no idea how to clean it, this guide may be useful for you.

Why should you clean pod systems?

Although very different from box mods and vape pens, pod systems still rely on e-liquid inside a pod to deliver you the flavor and nicotine. Since Juul can use pods from third-party vendors, sometimes these pods can leave behind e-liquid on your battery. This is the primary reason why a pod system requires cleaning from time to time.

The two main methods of cleaning pod systems

Pod systems can either be dry cleaned or with rubbing alcohol. The method that works best depends on the situation of your pod system. If your pod system is new, then you probably won’t need to use rubbing alcohol to clean it. But if it has been with you for months and you haven’t cleaned it once, then cleaning alcohol is the best way to ensure it stays in perfect health.

Here’s how to clean the pod system using both methods.

Dry cleaning pod system

Dry cleaning a pod system is very easy and an effective way to keep your device cleaned. Cleaning also increases the overall life of your device so make sure you clean it at least once a month.

Just make sure not to introduce any kind of liquid such as alcohol to clean the device if you are going with dry cleaning. Here are the simple steps to dry clean your Juul or other pod systems.

1 – make sure you remove any pod installed on the system and take out the buildup you find beneath the pod slot using a pin or anything thin and sturdy. You can use toothpicks, blunt needles, or tweezers for this job.

2 – If you see any leaked e-liquid around the pod slot, make sure to clean it using Q-tip or paper towel. Make sure the battery part is upside down. Clean thoroughly so no liquid is visible. Make sure to clean the pins where the pod is installed thoroughly. Once you are done, you can reinstall the pod and enjoy vaping once again.

Cleaning pod systems with rubbing alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol to clean your device is only recommended if it hasn’t been cleaned in a long while. You can also choose to clean the pod system with alcohol if the dry cleaning method didn’t work for you. Here are the basic steps to clean the pod system using rubbing alcohol.

1 – Just like the dry cleaning method, make sure to remove the pod before cleaning around the pod slot. But this time, use a Q-tip with slight rubbing alcohol on it. The alcohol acts as a breaking agent that will tear apart any gunk collected around the slot of the device.

2 – Now use another clean Q-tip with rubbing alcohol on it to clean the connection pins. This time you will need to compress the springs with gentle force to make sure that nothing stays there. Don’t push down on the pins no matter what. If you put too much pressure on the pins, your device may be permanently damaged.

Cleaning the charging port of your pod system

Charging port of the pod systems also need to be occasionally cleaned. You can use both the methods depending on the situation of the charging port. If you are living in an area where dust is common, then you are likely going to need alcohol to clean the ports. Excessive dust can accumulate around the charging pins that can prevent the device from being charged.

Charging port cleaning is quite simple. You do not have to worry about excessive pressure or any other problems. Just stick a Q-Tip in there and clean the charging pins with a smooth in and out motion. This will leave your charging port completely clean and free of dust.

Maintaining your Juul device or any other pod system is very important because if you’re not careful, you may end up buying a new device which could mean spending a fortune.

Here are some useful tips to open a stuck vape tank

Electronic cigarettes are great until you realize that they require consistent maintenance. As you vape and add e-liquid regularly, the tank part of your box mod suffers from residue left by e-liquid. This causes a variety of problems in the tank, specifically a leaky tank, overheating tank, burnt taste, and of course, a jammed tank.

A stuck tank is one of the most annoying things you’ll come across as a vapor. A jammed tank usually occurs due to over tightening, threading problem, or due to inability to properly grip the tank and twist it open.

Throughout my life as a vapor, I have come across this problem many times. I usually come across a jammed tank when I am unable to grip it properly and twist it. Since the e-liquid tends to buildup on the outside of the tank, gripping it properly is the most common problems you’ll face when opening the tank.

The real difficulty is that the tank can get stuck from two places – one at the connection it has with the box mod, second at the connection it has with the coil/atomizer. Depending on your problem, the remedy differs. You are free to use any method necessary to open your tank, but this usually means you’ll also end up breaking it if you are not careful.

So take out all the steam and stress on something else, have a cool mind, and then come back to open the tank. There are many tried and tested ways to deal with a jammed tank. I have compiled the most effective tricks, techniques, and hacks to deal with a stuck tank.

I hope by the end of this guide, you’ll have an open tank in your hand without any damages caused to it.

How to open a stuck tank with simple science

Opening a tank is all about science! The issue is usually easily revolved if you know where and how to make use of torque. The key is to apply as much torque as needed to get it opened. But since tanks have several parts, applying pressure and torque without damaging the tank is not an easy task.

With even a little bit of wrong pressure, you can break the pyrex glass on your tank. You may even damage the rotating screw of the tank if you’re not careful.

If you decide to go bare hands wrestling with your tank, always make sure you are applying the force on the right part of the tank. You need to know exactly where the tank is stuck from. Is it stuck from mod to tank connection, or is it stuck from tank to atomizer connection?

Applying force on the pyrex glass or the airflow of the tank usually never helps, but it is the first thing people do out of frustration anyway. Since there are a lot of tank designs out there, it can be hard to tell you the exact way to open a tank with the right amount of pressure. The idea is to use force in the right area and avoid damaging other parts with excessive force.

Opening a jammed e-cig tank with household items

If you are the kind that takes extra precautions while handling an e-cig tank, then I am glad to tell you that there are many products that are made for jammed tanks. But this would mean that you will have to spend a little extra on these accessories, but since they unstuck your tank without damaging it, they’re definitely useful.

If you are having a problem applying force on the right part of the tank due to a slippery surface, then you can use many household items to help you properly grip the tank. Here are some things you can try.

Bottom of a mouse pad – the mouse pad has a very sticky surface on its bottom which is ideal to help you grip the tank. Just make sure you don’t apply pressure on the pyrex glass. Try and grip the tank at the very bottom and give it a good twist in the right angle. This usually gets the job done.

Rubberband – The rubber band technique is one of the most popular ways to open a stuck tank. Simply put a thick rubber band around the bottom of the tank for added grip and give it a good twist. This works wonders for a stuck tank, believe me.

Dishwasher gloves – dishwasher gloves are also an ideal way to increase the grip around the tank, especially if your tank is slippery with all the e-liquid. These gloves are easily available from a grocery store. Just grab a pair, wear them, and start applying careful force around the bottom of the tank to unlock the jammed part.

Pliers – Pliers are another life savior tool that can help you with a jammed tank. But this hack should be your last resort. Remember, pliers can easily damage the tank if you don’t carefully use them. Make sure that you are applying a gentle force with the pliers. Since pliers are made to unstuck stuff, they shouldn’t require you to apply too much force in the first place.

Precautions to take when opening the tank

If your tank is stuck to your mod, then you need to take extreme precautions to ensure that you don’t damage the tank or the mod.

Make sure to remove the batteries of the mod before you start with the unjamming process. If your mod has a unibody and you cannot remove batteries, make sure it is powered off. Most tanks require five button clicks to turn it off.

When you are dealing with a stuck tank on a mod, always apply gentle pressure. Don’t use excessive force altogether because this can damage the thread of the tank and mod connection. If you somehow damage this thread, you’ll start getting an error on your mod which essentially means that you have broken the mod.

Tanks can easily be unstuck from the mod if you apply pressure on the right part with a cool mind. If you think you are someone who doesn’t have the patience to deal with a jammed tank, take to the nearest e-cig shop and have an expert look at it, especially if your mod and tank are both expensive.