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Archive for November, 2013

Henley E Cigs

A lot of times I get emails or people ask me why I have tried so many e cigs. The simple answer at the end of the day it is so I can run this site and make it appealing. There is another answer as well.  I think I might have a bit of an […]


Logic Hookah Review – Apple Flavor

I was real excited to give this Logic hookah apple a try. As you all know I like the menthol and the flavors so I was intrigued by the apple flavor. If you read my Logic Platinum Menthol review then you know I was very happy with the taste and the vape that it produced.  […]


Logic Platinum Menthol Disposable

Well I am still posting reviews of my Exxon bounty from a few weeks ago. Today I have the Logic Platinum Menthol disposable which I picked for under $10 I believe. I grabbed so many I forget the exact prices and of course I threw out the receipt lol. You can also check out my […]


Blu Cig Disposable E-Cig

Well this is part of the bounty of e cigs I picked up at the Exxon station last week. Still trying to get all the reviews up. Here is my review of the Blu Cig Magnificent Menthol disposable. This is for the one piece disposable so if you want  check out the full Blu Cigs […]


Njoy Disposable E Cigarette

Hey what is up! Well I finally got around to grabbing one of these at the old Exxon station today! I even started busting out some videos on youtube which you can watch below.  Let me know what you think of the intro 😉 So off the this review of the Njoy Menthol disposable e […]