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Vapor Zone Review

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Use Your Own E Juice? Yes
Starter Kit Prices$39 +
Money Back?30 Day Yes!
Auto Ship Discount?YES
Custom Flavors?Yes - Over 30,000 Combinations
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vapor-zone-jetVideo is up! Scroll to the bottom to watch. It is a long one cause I screwed up a bit, but hey it happens and it is worth checking it out if you are looking for this type of E cig.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Look at that VAPE!!

Give me a week or two for the video review, I just need to find the time, but I am really loving my Vapor Zone Jet!

This is by far the best menthol flavor I have tasted. It has given me the coolest taste in my month for sure and this thing delivers a monster HIT! WOW. This was my first ecig mod I have every tried and I really think I may never go back to the reg cig ones.

It has only been a few days and I want to make a really in-depth video to show you just how this thing works so stay tuned…

VaporZone just came out and they are hot. They offer a lot, and have lots of unique points about them. I like their diversity and that for a company doing high voltage vaporizers, they offer just about everything and all with great quality. For those who are new to e-cigarettes in general, their site may be a tad overwhelming because they just offer that many products!

This is the newest brand to be released from the International Vapor Group (IVG). They are the same company who owns South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and NutriCigs. With VaporZone, they went all out. They set out to create a line that was excessively innovative, and also utterly complete in it’s selection. While their other brands were leaders in technology for their time, we all know how quickly this market has evolved, and the advancements you will see in VaporZone are absolutely exciting. I was blown away from the start!

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  • After reviewing endless e-cigarette products, I’m really good at separating the good from the bad quickly. You can see the attention to detail in all VaporZone products from the minute you first check them out. Everything is well designed, and they offer so much info with their packages, and even their packaging is done well!
  • vapor-zone-ecigsThey have 6 different models available, and each one is more high-tech than the last. If you want basic 2 piece style e-cigs, they have great ones. If you want the best vaporizers being made, they’ve got those as well! For those who are just getting into high-powered vaping, have a look at the Air starter kit. Lots of power and features, perfect for a beginner. If you are already using this style and just want better quality, have a look at the Pulse or Rebel kits. The Rebel is nothing to mess around with, and the technology on this model is insane. It’s been designed specifically for the hard core vapers of the world who want only the best, and most advanced models. I had never used one this powerful before!

One of the most exciting parts of this brand for me are the custom blended e-liquids. All the liquids are made in the states, so you don’t need to worry about them coming from overseas and being less fresh. They come in 50 different flavors you can blend them however you want, at whatever nicotine level you want. Mixing flavors is cool, but I still have yet to mix my menthol with the dulce. Should be interesting! To my knowledge, no one in the industry is doing this! Let me stress the quality here; we all know finding great liquid can be tough. VaporZone ranks really high here; if you want flavor, they’ve got it!

Overall with VaporZone, you are getting the best that’s out there right now. Top of the line products, a great unique concept, and great prices make them really leading the pack.

Check Out My Vapor Zone Jet Video Review!

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4.5 / 5 stars     

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