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Hey there you can read more about me here You really don't want to know about me, you are here about e cigs so feel free to click around. I am an avid user of e cigs and decided to build a site to help others see if they are right for them. We only review products we have tried here. Any questions just ask!

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Welcome To E Cigarette Now


Which E-Cig Is Right For You?


First off, thanks for stopping by! The truth is that just like anything else in the world everybody has different tastes. The reviews on this site are from us. You may love one e cig over another and that is fine. The real truth is you will never know what you think until you try one. Just like real cigs you have to try different brands till you find what you like.

If you really want to learn about electronic cigarettes then click here and take some time to read over our in-depth guide… This literally took us weeks to put together.

Our goal at is to give you a nice overview of the different brands and tell you what we think. Any of the brands we review are quality, plain and simple. Sure some might look better or have some slight better quality, but at the end of the day the taste is all about what YOU like, not us. So read our reviews, gain some insight, but know that you will probably have to try a handful before you really find out which one you like.

That is why I like to say check out some Disposable E Cigarettes before you go out and buy a full starter kit. You can give it a try for cheap and see if it really is for you.

If you are one of the many smokers who is considering exchanging tobacco smoking for a vapour smoke then you may well feel overwhelmed when you see how many electronic cigarettes are on the market. Choosing an e-cig starter kit brand could be difficult if you don’t read any recommendations because the manufacturers all market their brand as `the best`. The web is full of electronic cigarette buying information so first of all it may pay to focus on what an e-cig is and how it works.

Parts of the Electronic Cigarette

  • The majority of electronic smokeless cigarettes have three main parts: the cartridge, the battery and the atomizer. (There are a few makes that have only two parts: the cartomizer and the battery). The cartridges are refillable and they hold the e-liquid aka the smoke juice. The Lithium ion battery that is housed in the cartridge gives power to the atomizer, as the e-cig heats up it begins to emit smoke and it looks like a real cigarette.

Sizes and What Not

  • There is plenty of information about buying electronic cigarettes and most of it is helpful. Smokers want to purchase an e-cig that looks authentic and stylish. The better the electronic cigarette looks the more the smoker is drawn to trying it. Lots of us like slim cigs but you have to bear in mind a slim line e-cig is going to have an ultra slim battery that may not last too long. If you are thinking about buying a slim line electronic cigarette then buy a starter kit that comes with two batteries so that you are using one battery as the other charges up.

All of us need to find an e-cig kit that is not going to cost us a small fortune so it may be worth considering buying the three piece electronic smokeless cigarettes as opposed to the two piece e-cigs. The cartridges in the three piece e-cigs can be refilled time and time again which in itself is a way of saving money. Buy a two piece e-cigarette and you will need to replace the entire cartridge. You will need to purchase a new atomizer every few months to make sure that the three piece cigarette is releasing the right amount of vapour for maximum enjoyment.

Some Pros & Cons

  • If we are talking electronic cigarette buying information then let’s take an in depth look at a few pros and cons. Some newbies felt that the electronic e-cigs felt heavy to hold so you could do well to look for a lightweight version. Many stated that the starter kits offered good value for money and a lot of companies offered free shipping. The majority of users say that they need a kit that comes with two batteries, on to use and one to charge, although a percentage said they felt that they spent all of their time changing the batteries over.

Lots of e-cigarette smokers say that they buy their kits online rather than at the stores. It seems that you have to experiment with the nicotine strength until you find a strength that suits you. If all goes well you may decide to remove the nicotine element altogether. Plenty of electronic cigarette smokers think that the packet and the e-cig have been designed really well and many state that the e-cigs taste better than normal cigarettes. It appears that the vapor is smooth and pleasant and it provides a satisfying smoke.

What about Flavors?

  • The e-cig offers its users plenty of flavor; flavors include vanilla, regular, java, menthol, Pina colada and cherry. Flavor is a big issue and some smokers have raised concerns about the e-cigs that contain propylene glycol, many felt that their chest felt tight after inhaling vapors that contained this chemical. A number of e-cig smokers have said that their cig emits a sound as and when you inhale and a lot of people felt that they would prefer an e-cig without sound.

Naturally you can smoke the e-cigarette indoors without it having any ill-effect so that is a plus point and heaps of users have said that they have saved a lot of money by smoking electronic cigarettes. Finding a vapor that suits is fairly easy and it is important to choose a vapor that doesn’t irritate your throat.

When you look at electronic cigarette buying information you need to read it carefully before making your first purchase. Traditional cigs contain tar, tobacco and chemicals but e-cigs contain none of these. Smoking e-cigs saves you a lot of cash. The smoke and odor disappear very quickly unlike normal tobacco smoke. When you put an e-cig to your lips you are going through the same motions as you would when you smoke a normal cig and they satisfy the cravings. E-cigs contain no tobacco and you can `smoke` them anywhere! Smoke a normal cigarette and you have to dispose of the hot butt, smoke an e-cig and you don’t have this worry.

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Starfire Cigs


I Love This Case!

Stay tuned for full video review… hopefully in a well.

OK so I constantly get asked what is the best starter kit at the best price that uses the best quality ingredients.

While most brands will do what you need I really think I found a winner in Starfire Cigs.

Why Starfire Cigs?

All the above really cover a lot of basis for me. Sure other brands do that, but not in this package with a portable charging case, with USA made juice and at this price. You are probably looking at spending at least another $20-$50 to get kits with a portable charging case.

Want The Best Deal? Click Here To Get Starfire Cigs

What Is So Special About Portable Charging Case?

  • Never run out of battery…
  • Fits in pocket like a real pack of cigs…
  • Carries extra flavor cartridges…
  • Has that nostalgic feeling of old school cigs…



starfire-cig-starter-kitWhat The Starter Kit Comes With

  • 1 Starfire Cigs® personal charging case
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • 1 wall charger and 1 USB charger
  • FREE 5 pack of cartridges in the flavor and strength of your choice



Alright you see what it comes with… so how do they taste, vape etc…?

  • These batteries are a bit smaller then other brands which is fine as well as how the cartridges fit. I like this because many brands I have seen are really just clones of one type and the Starfire cigs seem to stand out as there own.
  • I have to say as soon as I opened the menthol cartridge I could almost taste it. You know me and my menthol and I have to say after a few pulls to get it going I was hit with a thick, deep vape, that was VERY flavorful. Would def go to my top 3 menthol e cigs.
  • I tried the french vanilla as well and it too was very flavorful. I have not tried the others yet and when I get the video review up I will have tried them all.

Overall I say if you have been looking for a starter kit that has absolutely everything you need for the perfect price then this Starfire Cig Starter Kit is for you!

You can reorder a 5 pack of cartridges for $9.99 which is comparable to $2 a pack of reg cigs or you can buy a carton “55” of cartridges which is $99.90 which comes to about $1.81 a pack of reg cigs.

They do have a disposable as well if you want to give that a shot first, but this really is the best starter kit for the price I have seen in awhile.

Want The Best Deal? Click Here To Get Starfire Cigs

NE Where Electronic Cigarettes

Well I was pleasantly surprised when a package came in the mail for me! Don’t you just love getting mail? I do and I especially love it when it is a package of e cigs! NE Where E Cigs sent me a bounty of their disposable e-cigs and e-hookahs which I was very happy with as you can see in the video below. I never actually new what an E Hookah Pen was and I was pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer.

You can buy NE Where online or you can get them in the store although they seem like they are mostly on the west coast right now. I do like the fact that you can get them at the store. If you run out of your fave e cig you can always go grab some, unlike having to order online and wait, but hey it is not a huge deal.

I like the quality and flavor/vape of these and for $9.99 you will not be sorry. They say the equivalent of 2 reg packs of cigs, but I have not used one up yet so I cannot verify that, but I would imagine it should be pretty accurate as most are and have been tested thoroughly.

Save Money On NE Where E Cigs – CLICK HERE!

Listen at the end of the day NE Where sent me all these e cigs and e hookahs. I am not obligated to give a positive review and if they sucked I would tell you. I was really happy with them and makes me wish they actually made a rechargeable kit.

As far as the flavors and the E-Hooka I was real happy with the Sour Appletine and the Chocolate Chill I tried. The chocolate smell actually feels the room and my buddy walked in and was like…. “what is that smell?” Ha!

I still have a lot of flavors to try so stay tuned. As you know I am not a huge flavor guy, but will give this a shot over the next few weeks and update as I go.

Overall Conclusion of NE Where Electronic Cigarettes?

  • Give them a try!
  • They are good quality and have a great flavor and hit.
  • Better then most store bought disposables I have tried
  • E-Hooka options are pretty awesome if you are into flavors

Watch My NE Where E-Cig Video Review

Save Money On NE Where – CLICK HERE!!

South Beach Smoke

Well I have been wanting to do a South Beach Smoke review for awhile now and I have finally gotten around to making the video for it and putting this post together.

Watch My South Beach Smoke Review Video Real Quick

Want To Save 20% Monthly On South Beach? Click Here!

First off all I can say is this is definitely a solid brand. To be honest there have not been many brands I have reviewed here that I really HATE, and there have not been many that I said I LOVE THIS BRAND! Well I might be fallen in love with it!

First off this is the parent company of Ever Smoke which holds our #2 spot on the site right now and who knows maybe not for long 😉 Listen I will shoot it to you straight here. If there are any differences between the two it is very slight. South Beach & Ever Smoke parts seem to be interchangeable for the most part, but the battery lengths are a bit different. The battery does seem to last longer for SM, but since I only grabbed the manual Eversmoke I cannot gauge properly.

The South Beach Smoke Game Changer?

The portable charging case! Well OK Eversmoke has it too, but I did not know that and  like I said most parts are interchangeable as is the charging case. Just DO NOT stick a manual battery in there because it will get stuck. I found out the hard way.

So Why Choose South Beach Smoke?

  • Again like pretty much every review I do I always say what I like you might hate and vice versa. Same way with real cigs. I would not bum a marlboro red cause I hated them so we all have different tastes.
  • If you are really going to start vaping and want to find the best e cig for yourself then it might take some trial and error with a few brands. There is nothing wrong with that, but you don’t want to waste your money either.
  • South Beach is a but more expensive then Eversmoke so maybe go with Eversmoke first it is really up to you. If I had to choose I would grab Eversmoke since it is about $10 cheaper per kit and pretty much the same.

Save 20% Monthly With South Beach

  • They also have a 20% home ship option which can save you money in the long run as well. Again this is a great perk if you decided that southbeach is the right e cig for you. You are going to buy new cartridges monthly anyway so why not save 20% Click Here

Want a great brand at a quality price? South Beach smoke is def that. Like I said if you were to buy any brand starter kit I have review on this site you will be happy.

Hit me up with any questions, comments, or concerns below!


Henley E Cigs

A lot of times I get emails or people ask me why I have tried so many e cigs. The simple answer at the end of the day it is so I can run this site and make it appealing. There is another answer as well.  I think I might have a bit of an electronic cigarette addiction. I just find all the different brands and styles appeal.

This is why Henley E Cigs really caught my eye! One look and you have think.. .that is a sweet e-cig.

Of course we all know it is not about looks, but it helps to have a sharp looking ecig in your hand.

Lets talk about taste, flavors, and vape product.

Henley E Cig Taste, Flavors & Vape

  • Taste is very full and the menthol is cool and inviting. You know me and my menthol! As for the other flavors the typical fruity ones they have them, but if you know me then you know I am really not into those. Nice for a treat, but I am a menthol man through and through.
  • Vape production?? Let’s just say it is on par with pretty much any other brand I have tried so they are not lacking there.

henley-deluxe-kitHenley Deluxe Kit Review

  • Oh man you want to talk about a sweet set up?? This is it. I love any kit that lets you package it all in one case and a case that chargers is always a plus! Just look at how nice this thing is.
  • It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, 5 flavor chargers, 2 USB cords, and an AC adapter.
  • It has a nice weight to it and is very well made.

Henley Cart Club

  • I think any ecig you decided to stick with should have some sort of discount for continued use and that is just what the cartridge club is. You can sign up for monthly deliveries and get anywhere from 20%- 40% off depending on your package.

henley-express-kitDon’t Want The Full Kit Just Yet?

  • If you do not want to spend the money on a deluxe kit you can grab the Henley Express kit for only $19.95
  • You can also grab some disposables ranging in price from $29.95 to $107
  • To be honest the express kit is cheaper and you can actually recharge and re-use so I would go with that instead.

I gotta say I might just have a new favorite on my hand here, but it has only been about a week so we shall, but from what I have seen and tasted so far this are top electronic cigarettes in my book.

They even have some mods as well if you are into that. I love their section which Henley is for me…. Check it out CLICK HERE!